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Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Homeschooling (a list of helpful resources & tips)....

* I have had a few questions about homeschooling: how we do it, why we do it, etc. So, I am going to be doing a few of these and adding them to my sidebar. This one is just a list of websites, blogs, books, etc. that we use to homeschool our children. It is my hope that you may find something that can help you and that you enjoy this little peek into our daily lives!

~To start at the very beginning, I use the Babywise series with our children. (Babywise, Toddlerwise,Preschoolwise, etc.) I find that a schedule works wonders!! I did not say a "rigid" schedule. I could never do that and if you know me, you would be laughing! lol To me it is more of a routine! I understand these books are controversial but we love them!

~ All Sally Clarkson books! Oh, they are amazingly well written and so wonderfully soothing to an exhausted  mother's heart! I can not recommend them highly enough!

~And, some blogs and websites: (There are so many of these! I will have to come back and add to this post again and again!)

*Chasing Cheerios

*No Time For Flashcards

*Donna Young

*Handedness Research (teaching left-handers to write. Claire is left handed)

*Best Homeschooling

*Learning 4 Fun!

*Enchanted Learning

*Free Printables

*ABC Teach(more free stuff)


*Charlotte Mason

*DLTK-free crafts, bible lesson plans, etc.

*Growing Minds of Wisdom

*Jan Brett

*Jeannie Fulbright

*Letter of the Week

*Mustard Seeds

*Worksheet Works

*The Learning Page (free stuff)


*Simply Charlotte Mason

Okay, there are TONS more that we use! I will put the links up as I get a chance to do so. Right now,I have laundry to fold and put away, schoolwork to go over for tomorrow and life to live with my precious children!! See you soon!



Denise said...

Sending you love and prayers.

Rachel said...

This is a great collection of resources... I need to look into all of these... We currently use Starfall which I love- the girls are learning so much from that!!!


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