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Friday, August 17, 2007

Our schedule...

Someone asked me for this a while back and it has definitely changed since then but maybe someone will find it helpful:

6:30 am - Get up with Claire, Lily is still asleep. Feed Claire, talk to her about things. Usually "Bopaw" and "MeMe" and "Kyee, Laina"

7:00 am - Get Lily up, change her, feed her, put her on the floor to play.
Brush Claire's teeth, get her dressed. Lily dressed , too.
Do a load or two of laundry while it's still somewhat cool, clean the bathroom.

9:00 am-Lily's 1st nap, feed her and put her down.
Pick up toys, make beds, run vacuum, fold laundry. Pay bills and assorted things like that. Make sweet tea for supper, put food in crockpot, chop vegetables or whatever prep needs done for that night. Claire likes to help me cook, this gives us some bonding time. Read with Claire, play in her room. From 10:00 -10:30 is Claire's room time.

11:00am- Lily gets up, feed Lily. Play with the girls. Read from the bible or watch a video.

12:00pm-lunch. cleanup.

12:30 - Read books to Claire and Lily.

1:00 pm- Claire goes down for nap, change Lily, feed Lily, She goes down for nap. My computer, reading, whatever time!!!!!!!!!!!

3:00 pm-Claire and Lily wake up, feed Lily, change Lily, put her in bouncy seat or swing for playtime, give Claire a snack.

3:30-4:00- watch video,

4:00-5:00- play or color or work with blocks or paint.

5:00- Lily's 3rd nap. The shortest one.

5:30- Lily wakes up, feed and change Lily. Claire is playing. Maybe take girls outside if it has cooled down.

6:00- Daddy gets home anywhere from 6-8. Usually, especially now, around 6 pm. Start supper, eat, clean up. Daddy and the girls play.

7:00- Girls take baths, I clean up toys and things out of place.

7:30- Say prayers, Feed Lily, put her to sleep, Read with Claire. Talk to Claire. It's bedtime.

8:00- Clean up what needs done, talk to Charlie. Take showers

9:00 - Feed Lily, go to sleep.

This is pretty much the way it goes but it gets moved back and forth some. It' life, we just adjust but we try to stay as close as possible to this.

There it is, hope it helps you!

Love and Prayers,


crystal said...

Sounds good....wish my schedule was as organized. We dont have a schedule as much as a routine. It seems to work better for us that way.

Love Ya

javamama said...

I love to see others schedules. Yours looks great, a lot of precious moments made and shared with those little ones.

I have been trying to find you! You have left me several comments but haven't left your full blog address. Finally! I saw your name on Sarah's Memory linky and was very excited that it was you!!

Have a Great day!

JOYfully in Him,

If we don't find Him in the small things, how will we ever find Him in the big ones? ~Elisabeth Elliot