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Monday, August 6, 2007

Things going round and round in my head.....

First of all, I want to apologize to my family members and any one else lately who I may have bitten their heads off! I am , as I mentioned earlier, very stressed out and depressed.

My older sister, Tammy and her two girls, Sarah & Rose came to visit me today and for that I am so grateful. Claire, Lily & I are about to start visiting others. Since I've had kids I've become quite a hermit. I am, as I mentioned in earlier posts, a real procrastinator and I hate that. I know I need to visit and I constantly put it off because I need to get something done or I/one of the kids doesn't feel good, etc..

We had a really nice visit and Jesse was even here to visit with us for a little bit. He probably doesn't know that I enjoy him coming to see me, but I do, so much. That kid, whoops!, Sorry Jess, that young man, doesn't know how much he means to his Aunt Julie. I don't want to embarass him, but he was my very first nephew or niece and I thought everything he did or said was Oh, so cute! It still is.(Most of the time)

Rose Sharon turned 6 on July 29th. Happy Late Birthday, Sweety! Claire really enjoys having them come over and play with her. I think I am going to take her tomorrow or the next day and let her go swimming in their pool. She will have a blast!

On another subject, ladies night needs to be planned for August and I think I will do it this next week. Anybody have any ideas on scrapbooking? And I think we could do church camp pictures. So, bring ALL of those. The good, the bad and the ugly! No one gets spared! haha. Anyway, please help me get a list of materials needed together, we will see what we have and what we need to come up with. Email me or call me and let me know. (By the way, I usually turn the ringer off when Lily is napping, but I will get our answering machine plugged back up, so leave a message, OK?)

Claire was so happy yesterday. Her Daddy was home ALL day! She wouldn't even take a nap and went to sleep,exhausted about 7:00 and slept until 9 this morning! We had a great day and I sat down this morning with my bible, notebook, babywise and toddlerwise books and prayed, read scriptures, made notes and created a new schedule for Claire since we are trying to do some preschool homeschool type things. I revised Lily's schedule since she is doing a few new things such as eating a little bit more, taking 1 & 1/2 hour naps (usually) ,outgrowing her bassinet, holding her head up while pushing up with her arms and talking so good (cooing, really, but hey, it's talking to me!) She is growing so much!

I had a really productive morning with my bible study and prayer and scheduling. I was much more relaxed and everything has ran so much more smoothly today. Also, because we have been going through some spiritual warfare in this house and I am finally seeing through it to the other side! The Lord is with us, He is our protector. I am claiming this today and from now on.

My husband is struggling a lot with dealing with things at work and just in the world in general. I have had to be his help meet and listen and pray for him and be the calm soothing refuge he can come home to. That is hard when you are going through all of your own struggles and then to add someone else's load too. Wow! But, I think of all that he does for me and I am speechless. How could I not carry his load? I love him. Deeply. Madly. Beyond explanation. He loves me. More than his life. I want him to come to me with his struggles, I also realize that there are some things that are hard for him to say to me and I love him for having the courage to tell me anyway and to ask for my help, for my prayers. I love you so much Baby. Thanks for a great weekend!

Charlie and I are getting Heartlight.org's emails. We have been for a while but we are just now paying close attention to them EVERY day and reading through them. It has helped us so much. Also, another great website is
http://www.christianitytoday.com/ and http://www.menofintegrity.org/ If you are struggling at all, these are a great help.

The kids are down for their two hour nap. That is how I am posting this, yes, I know. It is a blessing. But I know, at any time, things can go wrong and they can drop the nap time down dramatically or be fussy and not sleep. But, the scheduling helps ALOT.

Something occured to me this morning when I was picking up shoes ALL through the house, I was getting agitated, thinking "Why doesn't she pick up her things? I am getting so tired of constantly reminding her!" And, "Doesn't he think I do enough, now I have to pick up his shoes and his dirty socks and .... (you get the idea) Then, God spoke to me and I heard, "What if you didn't have these things to pick up because they were not here or you were not here and they were trying to get by without you?" My sister said something similar to me today when she came to visit. We were talking about my parents and when they lost my sister. It makes you appreciate what you have a little bit more when you STOP AND THINK instead of just griping.

Well, that was something serious to leave you with I guess. Thanks to everyone who reads these ramblings even though you don't comment. lol. It gives me something, some encouragement which I know ALL of us need. Love and Prayers to you all,

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