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Wednesday, September 26, 2007

My not so" perfect "life!

Okay, so some of you are probably thinking that I stay connected to the computer all day long but I promise you, I DO NOT! My kids take a three hour nap in the afternoon at the same time and they wake up usually at the same time every morning, it is not always like this, sometimes it is a HUGE struggle! Especially lately, Claire has taken to getting up at least 10 times before she goes to sleep. We put her down for bed at about 8:30 at the latest and she is u until 10:00 pm! And nap time has really been a struggle lately! She is testing my limits, that's for sure!

Looking back over my blog posts, I realize that I make my life seem perfect; like I am such a great stay at home mom that I never have any struggles, that a schedule makes everything perfect all of the time. That is so not true!!! Everything is not perfect all of the time. Last night my husband got home very late and the kids were cranky. Supper was thrown together and the clothes did not all get put up off the couch. Last night, I washed my husband's work clothes but didn't get them in the dryer! I went to bed at 11:30 pm, still had to take a shower and feed Lily her last feeding of the night (she is supposed to get this around 10:00pm!) So, needless to say, I was exhausted before I even went to sleep! Lily has a cold and was up countless times last night because she can't breathe very good. Charlie got up at 3:30 am to go to work and we had an argument before he left. Started my day off great! I couldn't go back to sleep so I got up at 4:30 this morning and did my bible study for today.

Today I had to go and pick up my husband's check and buy groceries, with a broke toe! My mom had to get groceries too or else she wouldn't have went with me. I normally go by myself. Thank God for my Mom, I do realize that I am very blessed to have her this close and Thank God for my mother in law who has let me go by myself before while she watches the kids! But the grocery store trip, even with my mom, was very hectic. Claire was tired from all of the lack of sleep yesterday and she is fighting a cold, too. Lily was sick and fussy! Lots of fun! I also spent $155 on diapers, bare essentials and food! And my husband has not been able to work, we can not afford this! (By the way, I am now making my own diaper wipes, thanks Crystal! and laundry detergent, thanks AMY!) I would post the recipes, but Amy has hers posted on her blog and Crystal probably will post hers, too, I am going to ask her!

So, I got home about 4:30 pm with two screaming babies in the pouring rain trying to unload groceries with a broken toe, in the mud because we live in the South and I don't know if you noticed but it is a little boggy down here lately. I think that our state has turned into another bayou country!

Maybe I will get my bible study notes posted tonight, maybe I will not, maybe it will be in the morning. Satan is pressing in and I am not feeling much like doing it but I feel so much better after I read the WORD. I am just exhausted so maybe I will go to bed A LOT EARLIER tonight! :)

Thanks to Sarah and Denise for joining in this study with me, I know that you guys will be faithful in keeping it going and keeping me accountable!

Thanks for reading these ramblings and an update on my nephew, "so far so good, for now no tubes"!!!!!!! Thank you Lord!!!!!!!!!!! Also, on my uncle Gerald, he is home resting and is doing much better, please continue to pray for him. Baby Copeland is still hanging on to life, but her breathing and heartrate are dropping considerably, please keep her and her parents in your prayers and Sarah, who is having an ultrasound tomorrow to see her new baby, pray all goes well and they can see the gender!!!!! Also, please pray for my friend Sarah and her husband Reas, who lost his legs in Iraq, and their babies, Kyra and Drake. May they keep the faith and keep their eyes on the Lord.

Love to all,


*Update- 6:00 pm- Baby Copeland went to be with her Father in heaven at 5:35 pm this evening, please, please pray for her parents and her sweet big sister. There are no words I can say, just please pray.


Denise said...

Bless your heart dear one, sorry things seem to be so rough for you lately. But, do not let satan get on your back, rebuke him back to hell where he belongs. I am keeping all your prayer request in my prayers. Praise God that your nephew does not have to get tubes in his ears. I am so very sorry to hear the news about baby copeland, God be with her family, and surround them with comfort at this time.

Denise said...

Paul is confident that God will complete the work begun in
them, for they have shared with him in his chains and the
proclamation of the gospel (6-7)
God is his witness to how much he longs for them with the
love of Jesus (8)
His prayer for them (9-11)
a. That their love abound in knowledge and all discernment (9)
b. That they approve the things that are excellent (10a)
c. That they be sincere and without offense till Christ
returns (10b)
d. That they be filled with the fruits of righteousness (11)
1) Made possible by Jesus Christ (11a)
2) To the glory and praise of God (11b)
phillippians 1:6-11

dreamitbeleiveitliveit said...

aww you poor poor thing! My mom told me stories of my brother doing that to her, but i was the baby that every1 forgot about because I was so small... hahaha!

crystal said...

I am sorry things are so rough. I know your life is not perfect. Nobodys is. i wish I had the courage to post about things as you do. I am too afraid of someone thinking I am a bad mom or something. But thats me right now to..I am not doing the Bible Study with you...I am reading my daily readings but I have so much going on right now that I havent any spare time and I know that sounds bad but I am trying to get stuff done so I can spare the time.

Love ya

Ellie said...

ohh. They'll be in my mind, I'll pray , okay?

If we don't find Him in the small things, how will we ever find Him in the big ones? ~Elisabeth Elliot