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Saturday, September 1, 2007

Prayers for Claire

Today we took Claire to the ER. She woke up yesterday morning with what we thought was a fire ant bite, really small and didn't look too bad. It got worse yesterday and last night it busted and puss and blood came out. We thought it was a boil and decided to see what it looked like in the morning since she wasn't running any fever. She woke up this morning with 102. And it was hard and red and draining again so we took her to the ER an hour and a half away.

She has an infection from a fire ant bite, we think. It just abscessed and got worse. Kind of like a staph infection, or that's what they said. So, she got a shot of antibiotics and is on antibiotics twice a day and they gave her some horrible tasting hydrocodone/acetiminophine and she throws a fit when we try to give her either one even though the antibiotic is bubble gum flavored. I do admit the pain medicine smells rank! We even tried to put it in Kool-Aid but she could still smell it!

So, please pray for my baby. Right now she is sleeping it off and I hope she feels better in the morning. I feel so bad for not taking her sooner, she just wasn't acting any different or running any fever so there was no way I could know.

I hope she sleeps better tonight and feels better soon.

Thank You,

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crystal said...


You are a great mom and dont feel bad about not taking her. I usually dont take the girls until they run fever because if they arent running fever, they usually wont see them....even the doctors office. Isnt that sad..sometimes mine are sick but if they arent running fever, they arent considered sick...So dont worry, You did a good job,. You took her soon enough and she will be fine.

Love You Sis

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