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Friday, October 19, 2007

Community Blogger Award

Denise at Shortybears Place , a truly wonderful and inspiring friend, who is far more worthy of these awards than I, has granted me with another sweet and humbling award! When I am given an award, I am very grateful that there are people who believe that I am worthy. And I believe that A LOT of bloggers are worthy of these honors. However, since I only know a few through commenting, it is easier to hand this award out. I am going to give this award to quite a few people so, hang on:

Darcy at Minnesota Mama; I just found her blog and I LOVE it! She has the greatest posts about crafting and cooking and being domestic. I just love to go there and read. I feel like curling up with a cup of hot tea or coffee (flavored only, please) and reading about her crafts for hours. It's wonderful!

Sarah at In Light of the Truth; is just a true inspiration to me and a great blogging friend who takes time to answer your comments and questions and is concerned about you. She has prayed for me and given me scripture when I needed it. She is definitely a community blogger!

Crystal, Praying Mom of 3, my sister, has very little time to blog but does a terrific job! She is very encouraging in helping me find ways to save money and be a better wife, mother and homemaker.

Malisa, Happy Mama, My Little Corner of the World, very encouraging and always takes the time to say something thoughtful. I think the name "Happy Mama" says it all!

Jill, Tons of Sons, has a wonderful and thought provoking blog! I love to go there and read about what she's doing with her FIVE boys! Always makes me want to have a larger family!

Amy, Are We There Yet?, has an amzing blog with lots of helpful and encouraging posts with loads of links! I can always find something new and useful at her place. She is very helpful as well. Thanks for the help with the detergent, Amy!

Kelli, Embracing the Journey, Experiencing the Joy, I cannot say enough about this blog! I go there and come away so determined to be a better wife and mother. Her focus on the Lord Jesus Christ is just so inspiring! Read her posts and you will come away changed; convicted in your heart.

Thank you so much, fellow christian wives, mothers, homemakers and bloggers. You inspire , encourage and uplift me in so many ways!




In Light of the Truth... said...

Aw, thanks so much, Julie! Your other bloggy friends sound so nice too, I'm going to check them out too! Along with everything else you've posted today! Blessings to you, Julie! You're a great friend!

crystal said...

Thank You. I will get aroundto posting on my other awards too...It has been a crazy week and I am so tired today and we arent through yet...

Love ya

Denise said...

Great choices.

tonsofsons said...

Thank you for thinking so highly of me and my blog. I am so glad that I can touch your heart. Your too kind.


Darcy said...

Thank you so much Julie! What a nice compliment! I look forward to browsing the blogs of the other women that you have given the award to.

Amy said...

Thank you so much! I FINALLY got time to post my awards.


HappyMama said...

Oh thank you so much, Julie! You humble me beyond words. I'm glad that we are getting to know one another. I hope you're having a wonderful day!!!

If we don't find Him in the small things, how will we ever find Him in the big ones? ~Elisabeth Elliot