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Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Excellence In Discipleship Award

This award was created by http://managementbygod.blogspot.com/ This is what they said about it:"For those who are regular readers of management by God, you know that being about God's Word is very important to me. Since I have started working on this initiative, I have discovered that there are many others that have a similar heart to share God's Word, and further His Kingdom. The role of a disciple of Christ is to carry His message to the ends of the earth. It is with this heart that I have created the Mathetes Award.Mathetes is the Greek word for disciple, and the role of the disciple (per the Great Commission) is to make more disciples. I'd like to take the opportunity to award five other bloggers with this award and badge for acting in the role of a disciple of Christ."

Denise,at Shortybears Place honored me with this award! I have to say that I am unbelievably humbled that someone would believe that I am deserving of such a wonderful award (really, there are no words when you are given something like this). So, thank you Denise! and here are the five bloggers I wish to bestow this honor upon:

* Sarah, at In Light of the Truth, she encourges me ever day! She is always working to be a disciple to others. Her Family Focus Fridays and Husband Encouragement memes are such an encouragement to me. She has become a true "bloggy" friend!

* Jill, at Training Tons of Sons, her posts are very thought provoking. She is also a great encourager!

* Amy, at Are We There Yet (Amy's Wanderings), is always helpful, kind and courteous and her posts are encouraging and thought provoking as well!

* Crystal, my sister, Praying Mom of 3, is the MOST encouraging to me! She is always there for me and for others. Her family is very involved in planting a church and getting a building up right now so that they will have somewhere to meet. She lives a very busy life with 3 babies all under 4 years old but always has time for others. A TRUE disciple of Christ! Love ya, Sissy!

*Kelli, (JavaMama), Embracing the Journey, Experiencing the Joy, always shows her true heart and that is so refreshing! She shares what the Lord is doing in her life, how He is working in her heart and that helps me so much! Thank you for your honesty, Kelli.

* Misty, Just as I am, hasn't been blogging long and she doesn't have bible studies or devotions on her blog, yet. However, she encourages me in real life. She is my sister's other best friend. (lol) I have known her for so many years. She has always been nothing but nice and sweet to me and is always willing to help with anything. She also carries on and raises her little boy while her husband travels (A LOT) with his job. She is a great Mom who encourages me to be a better one. She has discipled to me a lot in her life and she doesn't even know it. So, although, I am supposed to pick 5, I pick 6!

Thank you Denise, so much! As I said, you won't find fancy fake stuff on these blogs! You will find GUTS, integrity and women trying to live out their faith every day! Congratulations, girls, thanks for blessing me so!!!!!

Love and Prayers,



Denise said...

You are really very deserving of this award my friend, love and sweet blessings to you.

Tonsofsons said...

WOW! Thank you so very much. I'm so honored!

Your so sweet for thinking of me.


crystal said...

Thank You so much sissy...I love you..Sometimes I dont feel like I am very deserving because I dont have alot of extra time...But Thank You very much..It encourages me to keep going..

Love Ya

amy said...

Thank you so much! It is an honor. My allergies are crazy this week, so it might take a few days to get this on my blog - but I won't forget!

~Java Mama~ said...

Oh... thank you so much Julie!! I feel very honored and undeserving, all glory to God. You are awesome.

I will have my post up soon I promise!

Joyfully in Him,

If we don't find Him in the small things, how will we ever find Him in the big ones? ~Elisabeth Elliot