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Thursday, October 4, 2007

Just Stuff

Today has just been one of those days! In fact, the whole weekend& week up until now has just been so crazy and stressful. Claire took an early nap today because she said she felt "seepy" and "noz ood (not good)". She woke up about 30 minutes later burning up with fever. I gave her some Tylenol (I was out of children's motrin, UGH!) and it went down. So, I get ready to go to the grocery store and I forget to take baby wipes with me, UGH, again! We get to the grocery store and by this time, Claire is just so out of it and she has chills (I had to go to the store, I had no one to go for me and there were just a few personal things I HAD TO HAVE!) I start shopping as quickly as I can. In the produce aisle I smell a familiar awful stench. Lily has a bad dirty. I know a melt down is just a few seconds away so I grab the essentials as fast as I can. This grocery store does not sell baby wipes (it's our small, small town's only grocery store) and I am a good 10 minutes from our house. I start home with a screaming baby and a toddler moaning to me because she is cold and she is shaking. I am driving as fast as I safely can, trying not to get a ticket when I realize halfway home that I left the tea boiling on our stove! In the South, we boil our tea bags and use the resulting juice to make sweet, iced tea. Which we have for supper EVERY NIGHT! Anyway, I just knew the house was burning down! I get home and tell the girls to sit for a minute, I run in the house and sure enough the tea bag was scorched and stuck to the completely charred pan. Smoke everywhere. Two screaming babies.

So, I take care of that mess, Change Claire & Lily. Give Claire her motrin, take her temp (104.3) and put her to bed. I give Lily her bottle and put her down for her nap. Which she is not cooperating very well today. She has a tummy ache.

My laundry needs folded and put away. My floors need mopped again. But I am stressed and I am taking a breather. I will get it done tonight after everyone is in bed. I did make Chili in the crockpot this morning before all of this happened and a homemade pineapple upside down cake and I did get my sweet tea made and all of my laundry washed and dryed and the garbage took off and groceries bought and my insurance and electric bills paid so all in all I would say that I am not doing so bad.

I am sitting here eating Salsa Verde Doritos and drinking regular , caffeine& sugar laden Pepsi and enjoying every bit of it. I will have more hot stuff tonight when we eat the crockpot chili and cornsticks. I may put jalepenos in my cornbread! I am a Ferguson and we do love our chili!

I got the girls a couple of shirts on the clearance rack last night. Claire's says "Good Looks Run in My Family" and "Girls Are Just Better" Lily's says, "Daddy's Princess" (claire has two of those but Lily doesn't have any yet so I bought her one) and she has one with a kitty cat playing with a ball of yarn that says, "Pretty Kitty". They look so cute in them, I will post pictures soon, when Claire feels better.

Thanks for reading all of this! Now I feel so much better!



amy said...

Oh you poor thing! Just take it easy & take care of those little ones - the laundry & floors can wait!!

Denise said...

I love you my sweet friend, so sorry your day was so rough. God loves you, and those dear sweet girls of yours. Please try to chill out for awhile, kick that devil in his big ole butt!!

If we don't find Him in the small things, how will we ever find Him in the big ones? ~Elisabeth Elliot