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Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Philippians 3: What I've got so far......lol:o)

Jesus Is Greater Than Moses

1So all of you should think about Jesus. God sent Jesus to us, and he is the high priest F15 of our faith. I tell you to think about him, my brothers and sisters, because God chose you to be his holy F16 people. 2God sent Jesus to us and made him our high priest. And Jesus was faithful to God like Moses was. He did everything God wanted him to do in God’s house (family). 3When a man builds a house, people will honor the man more than the house. It is the same with Jesus. Jesus should have more honor than Moses. 4Every house is built by some person. But God built everything. 5Moses was faithful in all God’s house (family) like a servant. He told people the things that God would say in the future. 6But Christ is faithful in ruling God’s house like a Son. We {believers} are God’s house (family). We are God’s house if we continue to be sure and proud of the great hope we have.
We Must Continue to Follow God
7So it is like the Holy Spirit F17 says:
“If you hear God’s voice today, 8don’t be stubborn like in the past, when you were against God. That was the day you tested God in the desert. 9For 40 years in the desert your people saw the things I did. But they tested me and my patience. 10So I was angry with those people. I said, ‘Those people’s thoughts are always wrong. Those people have never understood my ways.’ 11So I was angry and made a promise: ‘Those people will never enter and have my rest. F18 ’” (Psalm 95:7-11)
12So, brothers and sisters, be careful that none of you is sinful, and refuses to believe, and stops following the living God. 13But encourage each other every day. Do this while it is “today. F19 ” Help each other so that none of you will become hardened because of sin and the way sin fools people. 14We all share together with Christ. This is true if we continue until the end to have the sure faith we had in the beginning. 15This is what that Scripture F20 said:
“If you hear God’s voice today, don’t be stubborn like in the past when you were against God.” (Psalm 95:7-8)

Okay, so I haven't gotten very far on Chapter 3. My husband has been off work A LOT and that throws off our whole routine. (in a good way, of course) So, I have not been able to get my bible study done during the kids nap time, as I usually do, because I have been helping Charlie cut wood and do things around the place. So, here's what I've got so far and hopefully I will finish this chapter by the end of the week. lol. I can at least say this, going this slowly has really made Philippians sink in for me. Never before have I had things stick with me like this. It's changing me and that's for sure!:o)

vs. 1- The Bible is our guidebook. It alerts us to corrections we need to make in our thoughts, attitudes and actions.
Hebrews 4:12- "For the word of God is full of living power. It is sharper than the sharpest knife, cutting deep into our innermost thoughts and desires. It exposes us for what we really are."

The bible is not just a group of words form God, our Father. It is living, life changing, dynamic. It is at work within us. God's word reveals who we are and who and what we are not. The word discerns both the good and the evil in our hearts. God's word requires decisions. We must first listen to the word and then we must let it shape our lives.

vs. 2- "dogs" and "wicked men" most likely Judaizers (Jewish Christians) who believed that the Gentiles must follow all Old Testament laws, especially circumcision, in order to receive salvation.

Paul criticized them because they believed that circumcision made them believers rather than Christ(salvation by His death on the cross) What believers do is a result of faith not to gain faith. (Acts 15)

We boast about what Christ Jesus has done for us!

vs. 4-6 Paul is not boasting about his achievements; he is showing that achievements can not earn your salvation. Are we depending on our parents, church membership, or just being good to make us right with God?

Credentials, our accomplishments and our reputations can not earn our salvation! Salvation comes through Christ!

vs. 5- Paul belonged to the tribe of Benjamin, a highly respected tribe among the Jews. Paul was also a devout Pharisee, a very devout Jewish sect that along with the law of Moses, they also kept their own numerous rules. Jewish people would have been impressed by Paul's heritage and membership.

vs.6- Why did Paul persecute the church?

Paul was a devout Jewish leader (see above) he agreed with these leaders that the church was blasphemous against God. Jesus did not meet their expectations of what the Messiah would be like. So Paul assumed that Jesus was false and wicked. Christianity was also seen as a political problem because it might come between the Jews and the Roman government.

I know, just 6 verses, pitiful! But, this is all as far as I have been able to get if I am going to really learn from it and not just rush through it. I will try to get more done tonight and post sometime tomorrow. I am praying that Lily sleeps better tonight so that I am able to do this, her allergies are REALLY giving her/me fits.

Love to all,

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