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Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Christmas Wish List!

These are a few things that I have found that I would love to have for our home and for our girls. Since there is no way that I can afford all of it this year, I am going to have to get started on improving my pitiful sewing skills! I know that I will not get it all done in time for Christmas but I would like to get started so that I can have it finished by next year. So, if you have any sewing tips, feel free to share them with me (Sis)! I am going to start on the stockings tomorrow since Charlie really wants different ones this year (we've had ours for 10 years and they were not good quality to start with) and hopefully I can construct a simple tree skirt to match. I will need some help but pray for me and encourage me and I am sure I can do it! Especially since I have a husband who can hand stitch better than me! (sh!!! that's supposed to be a secret!) Pray for me and the sewing machine to get along! :o) I also found an iron just like this one at Atwood's store for about $6 cheaper so Miss Claire will most likely be getting that for Christmas! Shhhh...... And these aprons are precious! I would love to make the girls both of them but we shall have to see! I am definitely inspired and I love days like this! '


In Light of the Truth... said...

What a fun project! You'll have to show off your work when you're finished! Good luck! =)

Amy said...

I hope to get a sewing machine for my birthday next month, so I will be looking to you for advice :o)

Have fun creating gifts of love for your family!


Denise said...

I am praying for you, I know you can do this. May everything turn out the way your heart desires my friend. I love you.

crystal said...

SHHHHH I have a secret....Aprons are supposed to be yalls Christmas present....or part of it...Dont say anything...lol Anyway, I will email you tommorow...we are reading our Bible in a minute and we are going to bed early...we all feel cruddy. Love the stuff though. Where did you find it all at? The irons would be great presents for the girls. i am trying to get them into more stuff like that. Anyway, I will end my novel. I will email you some advice though. Blessings and prayers.

Love ya

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