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Friday, December 14, 2007

Praising God in the storm....

“Funerals, divorces, illnesses, and stays in the hospital -- you can't lie about life at such times. Maybe that's why he's always present at such moments.”
— Max Lucado

I bought a CD for my husband last night. I do believe it is the best CD I have ever bought. It's Casting Crowns, From the Altar to the Door. Click here to go to their awesome website! We are struggling right now. I wouldn't normally admit that to family and I am not going to say why because I don't believe the personal details need to be shared. But, we are struggling and it is something that is not just going to go away. I am scared, I am terrified. This is changing so many things and I need the Lord more now than I ever have. (By the way, however much I love you, if you ask me what it is, I am not going to tell you the details, so please don't ask).

This CD helped us last night. We have always loved Christian Rock music. I have been a fan of it since I was a teenager dating a guitar player! Who now is the worship leader at his church in Lubbock, Hi Drew! Anyway, this music speaks to me, it heals me, it says the things I am feeling and I carry the words in my heart and I feel such healing. I have been praising God all morning with this CD.

"EAST TO WEST" (Blogger won't let me post the video for some crazy reason) is one awesome song! My husband says this is the best words put to music that he has ever heard. It is really helping him right now and I am so happy about that. He feels such peace when he listens to this song. I can't wait until he gets to really listen to all of it! He can't take it to work because of safety regulations. So, he will get to hear more of it tonight.

I bought Third Day's "Offerings" for my nephew Jack and I am anxious to hear it as well. Charlie says I am getting that CD for Christmas. Can't wait! So, anyway, I am getting off track. I want to tell you that if you are struggling with anything at all (which we all are) listen to this CD and especially the song, "East to West". You will be so glad you did!

So, pray for us, please! I will not be on the internet much at all today. I have too many things to do and I need to be with my girls every chance I get. And, I will be too busy worshipping with song! So, I will hopefully see you soon, but maybe not this weekend, because I need to spend as much time as I can with my husband and girls.

I am still not feeling well. So, please continue to pray for me, I appreciate your prayers SO much!

Love you all,



Amy said...

Third Day & Casting Crowns are our favorite groups. Offerings (& Offerings II) is such a powerful worship album! May God ease your fears and bring peace to your family. He will deliver you both & make you stronger if you are willing. Hope you are feeling better soon!


crystal said...

hey, i love that song East to West. I also like Third Day and most of Casting crowns songs. I bet yall are loving them. You know where I am if you want to talk. I probably can relate right now.

Love ya
Praying for you...

Denise said...

Whatever it is dear one, God knows. He is with you in the middle of your storm. I love you, and my prayers will not stop. I can just see claire walking around the house like that, lol she is one beautiful princess. Blessings to you all.

If we don't find Him in the small things, how will we ever find Him in the big ones? ~Elisabeth Elliot