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Wednesday, January 23, 2008

I Have a Dream.....and some questions for you!!!

I found this post today and it gave me an idea! Do not feel obligated to play along if you feel uncomfortable. I will not be offended. I just thought it would be interesting and maybe it would be something that would help me right now as I struggle through some issues with "church". So, here's my idea! (By the way, the post talks about large churches and I don't really have an issue with those; so please do not hold me to every view he has personally, okay?)

If you feel comfortable, please tell me1.) where you attend church (what denomination),2.) how you came to attend this particular denomination, 3.)what you love best about it, 4.)what you don't like about it (if anything!) and 5.)one of your favorite customs/practices of the church you attend.

I know you ladies will not leave ugly or spiteful comments about another's religion or denomination but, I am going to add that we are not going to debate theology! I just think it would be cool to see how the "bloggy" world unites us all! :o)

So, if you are game, leave a comment! If you don't want to participate, I totally understand!

Here's my stats : ( I may add more after I read everyone's answers )

1.) Church of Christ

2.) I was born into it. I am a 4th generation (maybe even further, I don't know)

3.) It's very family oriented.

4.) A lot of rigid, set in stone ways. Too much family, sometimes!

5.) We have communion (The Lord's Supper) every Sunday. I really like that time being set aside to honor Christ's sacrifice for us.


Blessings on your day, Julie


crystal said...

This article was really neat. I am thinking about having Paul read it in Church Sunday.

You know me, I am the same as you except since I go to a church hours away from you then its not the same family. Ours is not really family(blood relative) oriented. WE are however Church Family oriented. We were talking the other day how we see each other more than our blood family. Its really a very loving fullfilling church.

Also, JD and Fern said we do go back further. They knew great grandparents. Kinda cool to know that our family has been in Church for generations huh?

I'll quit writing my novel. This is just a very strong subject for me.

Love ya

Denise said...

1)Baptist 2) I was born into it 3)Very friendly, loving people. 4)There is nothing that I do not like. 5) I love all the musical and mission things that we do.

Misty said...

1. Church of Christ
2. I was born into it. I don't know how far back it goes, but my paternal grandparents were active church members for many years.
3. Our strong beliefs in following what the bible teaches.
4. Like julie said, lots of rigid ways, like certain things have to be done a certain way, or it's not right.
5. We have weekly communion. It's such an important part of worship, i can't imagine not doing it.

In Light of the Truth... said...

Okay, I'm FINALLY getting to this!

1) Bible Church
2) The ship chaplain directed Kevin to the church he went to out in town. It was a Bible Church in Virginia and then when we moved to CT we started going to another Bible Church.
3) Conservative and family oriented. Many homeschooling families (even though we're not schooling yet, it does show that the families are of the same mindset)
4) They don't follow the liturgical seasons so for Christmas and Easter there's no advent wreath or anything leading up to the actual Day.
5) It's not really a custom and is at other kinds of churches too, but typically Bible Churches have several services throughout the week, along with women's Bible studies, and other things. They're very good about making church and fellowship more than just a once-a-week thing.

So there ya go! Hope it helps!

If we don't find Him in the small things, how will we ever find Him in the big ones? ~Elisabeth Elliot