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Monday, February 4, 2008

Happy 15th Birthday, Allison Renee and Happy (Late) 11th Birthday, Ann Mary!

Today is our niece Allison Renee's 15th Birthday! And, I forgot to put her sister Ann Mary's birthday on here but I remembered yesterday that I had forgotten it! (Does that make sense?) So, Happy Late Birthday, Ann Mary! And, Happy Birthday, Allison!

You are sweet precious girls and we love you so much! Thank you SO much for the beautiful John Deere (PINK!!!) blankets that you made for Claire & Lily! They LOVE them! Claire takes hers everywhere and Lily has to have hers before she can go to sleep! :o) I will try to take pictures and post them for you and send you some!

Have a great birthday, Allison and Ann, I hope you had a great birthday, too! :o)

Love you, Aunt Julie & Uncle Charlie, Claire, Lily & Baby

*Edited: I just realized that today is the 4th not the 3rd! Allison's birthday was yesterday so I am late for her's ,too! OOPS, Sorry girls, I really am trying to be better! And, Clayton & Jordan, I did not mean to forget about yours, either! I have just been a little absent minded ! :o)


Denise said...

Hope they had happy birthdays.

crystal said...

Happy Birthday Girls and Boys. I cant believe that they are that big. It seems like yesterday that Ann Mary was just a little baby. Gosh they grow up fast.

Love Ya

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