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Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Prayers for Claire

My sweet baby Claire is sick, again. She is running about a 102 temp and last night it was almost 103. I hate to see her shake and shiver and tell me, "Mama, it hurts, cold...." She just lays there while I stroke her hair and rub her back and cuddle under the covers with her. She coughed a lot last night, too, so that was rough. She has a Dr.'s appt. at 10:00 tomorrow, so maybe that will go well.

Charlie is sick, as well. He coughed all night. Please pray for us as we struggle with another round of sickness.

Love & Prayers, Julie


Denise said...

I am so sorry that your family is dealing with sickness again my friend. Wrapping dear claire in my prayers. I love you.

crystal said...

My poor sweet Baby Claire! Give her kisses and hugs from all of us and we will pray that she gets better soon. I am sorry that Charlie is sick again Hopefully he will feel better soon too!

Love Yall

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