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Friday, May 2, 2008

Happy Birthday to my baby sister!!

Happy Birthday today to my sweet baby sister! I won't say how old she is because that would be aging me. lol. She's a wonderful sister to have and always has been my best friend through everything. I am so glad that Claire & Lily have each other and I hope they love each other as much as we do. We are truly blessed to have our sisters. Life just wouldn't be complete without them! Have a great birthday, sissy!

Love you,


Denise said...

I hope your sister has a lovely birthday.

crystal said...

Thank You! I hope that Claire and Lily and Kylie and Alaina all have as good a relationship as we do. And dont worry about aging yourself...most everyone thinks you are younger than me anyway...(thats saying I look old! :( I dont know if I like that...lol)

Thank You though. I hope lil bear had a good birthday..

Love Ya

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