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Friday, December 19, 2008

sweet tea....

*I've has some requests to share how my family makes sweet tea so I thought I would use today to do it. I grew up with this and even my unsweet tea is sweet (I use Splenda). I don't even know how to drink tea without sugar or Splenda. I hate tea with any other kind of sweetener or just plain tea with nothing. HATE it!! YUCK!!! (sorry if you do like unsweet tea) :)

Unsweet tea, in my family, is a sacrilage. lol. :) You drink sweet tea with every meal and as a refreshing beverage out in the hay field or after working in the heat fixing fence or moving or vaccinating cattle. It's ALWAYS a welcome beverage and it's always served ICED. NEVER HOT, although I do like sweetened hot herbal tea, as well. :) shhhh............................

Here it is!

2 Cain's (caffienated is best) tea bags (can also use Lipton but prefer Cain's)
sugar or Splenda

Place tea bags in saucepan. Fill with cold water. Heat until just starts to boil. Place 1/4 of tea pitcher with sugar or splenda. With spoon; hold tea bags back against saucepan and pour tea liquid into pitcher. Fill saucepan with cold water and continue until all tea liquid is squeezed out of bags. Fill pitcher with cold water. Serve with plenty of ice. (I don't add ice to my tea pitcher unless I am taking it somewhere because I find that it waters down the tea).

There you go, simple, good ol' Southern Sweet tea! I do know people that boil their tea bags with sugar to make a syrup and continue with the process but I can't drink it that way. It tastes like syrup and not tea, to me!

Hope you enjoy!! :)
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