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Monday, December 21, 2009

Christmas ramblings..

I have a few minutes to waste (not really but let's pretend, okay? lol) so I thought I would sit down and type out a little update for ya'll! I am soooo not prepared for Christmas..and I know, why am I blogging? but I am so anyway, I am so not prepared and I am fine with it!! Yes, I am. I know that it will get done, it always does so I am determined NOT to stress this year! :)

In other news, I have started Jillian Michaels, 30 day shred and OMG, it kills!! I am on day 4 (should be day 5 but whatever) and Claire had to pull me off of the floor. My 4 year old had to help me sit up. I am not even joking! lol  On the bright side, however, my jeans are a bit looser already! So, YAY!!!

I am reading John by Beth Moore. There's a long explanation behind this but suffice to say, I am reading it and enjoying it, immensely. However, I find it hard to read the bible from someone's point of view in fiction form?? Not sure if that's how I want to explain it but does anyone else struggle with this?? No, just me?

I wrote a Christmas letter this year after receiving a few and deciding it looked like huge fun and a great way to update everyone on the happenings in our little family. It was fun to write but it was written quickly on a deadline so I am hoping I write a much more articulate letter next year! And, I am sorry if you are offended by Santa Claus but that is what Claire & Lily  picked out (and there was not any baby Jesus stationary, just plain paper and the Santa Claus motifs) so that's what we printed the letters on....let me know and next year, I will try to come up with something different because we do not mean to offend. Truly.

We are doing this little Advent thing with the girls....not really following Advent (we have our reasons) but the little stories are wonderful and a great tool for teaching the history of the Jews and why Christ was born and when and how...just a wonderful little book of story books.(Wow, I didn't realize what a deal we got!! We only paid $8 ( I think??) for ours at Sam's Club)We are truly happy with it! (That's the tree above "Jesse tree" of sorts that we place the books on every night after we read. Claire & Lily take turns putting the ornaments on the tree)

Yes, it is just 3 days before Christmas Eve and I have about 10 more presents to buy but I am trying soooo hard to focus on the reason behind Christmas this year and to teach my children not just by words but by example and what do I show them if I am stressed out and hurrying to buy whatever I can just to buy??? Not the true meaning of Christmas,that's for sure. It will get done and even better if I am calm and still about it. Hope that makes sense!

Christmas Eve is presents (and FOOD) with Charlie's parents & family (gumbo, Jambalaya & e'toufee), then wth my family & parents (traditional, ham, dressing, the works)...then home to bed and Christmas morning we open gifts here and eat a wonderful Christmas breakfast(Pioneer Woman's cinnamon rolls, fruit salad & omelets) and dinner (roast and all the fixings) and then just relax and enjoy the rest of the Christmas weekend! I am LOVING that Christmas is on a Friday this year!!! We have all weekend long to relish in that Christmas spirit!!

Tortilla soup is simmering on the stove right now and peanut butter fudge is made for dessert. We are having some of our favorite meals this week to celebrate our Savior and the happiness HE brings to all who receive HIM into their hearts..... What are ya'll doing to be still and appreciate the TRUE meaning of the season???

~Merry Christmas!~

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