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Friday, April 30, 2010

my day and other random things....

It's just been one of those days....It started with a migraine last night, some tylenol pm which makes me drowsy the next day and I was woke up at 6 am by 2 hyper little girls. The TV is broke so I could not let them watch a movie while I slept another hour (yes, I have done that). Sooooo....I get up and drink a pepsi (yes, I know) and sit down to try and wake up. Before I can even get dressed, my son comes into the room crying (apparently he had a nightmare) and would NOT go back to sleep. Crying toddler = not good for migraine!! He then proceeded to dump 2 entire cake mixes all over his bedroom carpet, take off his pull up and pee on the cat and throw the magic markers off of the porch (3 times) after he sat in the corner(time-out) and was swatted on the rear for disobedience (he just kept doing it!!!) ....wow, what a morning! (Just being real, folks! Sometimes I do that! lol)

Which started off a day with no air conditioning (it is broke), no vehicle(Charlie is still working on his, driving mine), and no TV!!!!! It is also about 80 here today with 70% humidity...that, my friends, where I live, equals MISERABLE!!!! Oh, it will get much worse but I am praying for the AC to be fixed before it does!! I have been chomping on ice all day and standing in front of the fans! :)

To make a long story short, I have been sitting here going out of my mind. We have read Beatrix Potter books until I am thinking I am a rabbit! lol We have done worksheets (which I hate), cut and glue crafts, took a nature walk, and made no bake cookies! I just can't seem to get out of this funk! This dark, dreary humid weather depresses me...I wish it would rain so it would cool off!

Well, there's my day in a nutshell! Right now it is naptime and I am praying they sleep for awhile. Tomorrow will not be much better because 1.) Charlie has kidney stones (and he is working, please pray for him!!) and 2.) Lily turns 3 tomorrow!! So excited that she will be 3 but a little sad, all the same. :( I don't really have a baby girl anymore. Well, she will always be my baby but you know what I  mean....and, I just have to share these ADORABLE outfits I ordered for Lily and Claire!!! Aren't they precious and the best part, CHEAP!!!

And, I soooo want these shoes and some of these cute dresses from Old Navy!!! (I'll do the boys' shopping another day! lol) Next time, maybe I will show you some accessories I have been eyeing for awhile! What's a girl without accessories?? :)


crystal said...

I pray that your day got better! I remember so many of those days with Jase....but it does get better!!!!! I wish I was there, we would all take off to the park or something....

Love You and will keep yall in my prayers!!!!

Anonymous said...

I can't stop laughing about Drew peeing on the cat!!

Did you know that everything at Old Navy is 30% off this weekend?

Hope you have a blessed weekend - you deserve it!

Denise said...

Praying for you, love you bunches.

Judy said...

Hi Julie! I hope your day got better. Believe it or not, you will one day look back on this day & laugh...even miss it. There will come a time when you will long for the times when your kids were all under feet - because one day they want to get out. :-( Hope I didn't depress you. :-)

Bless your heart - can you imagine this day as a movie? :-) Peeing on the cat - I had to laugh. Boys will be boys! :-)

LOVE your shoes & the dress!! WOW - hope you go get them Julie. You deserve to treat yourself after this day.

Hope the humidity lessens. I cannot bear humidity - I'm so glad that Las Vegas is dry. Praying you have a blessed weekend Julie. Always love coming here. Thank you for being 'real'...hugs!

If we don't find Him in the small things, how will we ever find Him in the big ones? ~Elisabeth Elliot