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Friday, August 3, 2007

Feeling Better Today...

I am feeling some better today. Charlie prayed with me last night and he promised to pray for me all day so that is what is causing the change, I am sure! It makes me feel so good when he prays for me.

Claire has been really good today. She is starting to show her anger a little bit more by grabbing a hold of me and screaming. I think that a lot of that is because I have been so stressed out lately. I am not the most calm person in the world. So, she is feeling my stress. But today was a good day so far. We got her another little blow up pool to play in and tonight we are going to grill burgers and let her swim around for awhile. It is 98 here and so stinkin' humid!! It feels like it's about 115. It will be 110 soon and then it will feel more like 120. Man, I hate August.

Lily is sleeping a little better. She got pretty cranky at night for a while there. She was so stopped up with allergies and could not breathe and she is starting to cut teeth. Claire did not cut teeth for a long time so this is a new experience. Claire was also not very cranky when she cut her teeth. Lily is miserable and she lets us know it!

Today I went through a bunch of papers and junk that was laying around and just tossed everything. I also cleaned out our desk and bought groceries for the whole week. There is a lot more to do but today I am feeling better so I am going to take advantage of it! Last night, I stayed up and fixed Charlie's lunch and got stuff ready for today (I had to turn some insurance paperwork in). This morning, I got up with him at 3:30 am . I didn't stay up very long, but at least I got up. I am going to try my best to make him breakfast in the morning at that ungodly hour. Yes, he has to work on Saturday. It's becoming a normal thing. We both hate that.

Well, I have got to go. Lily is up from her nap and I need to finish folding laundry and get it off of the couch!

Love and Prayers,

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crystal said...


I am sorry that you have been feeling bad. I really hope that you get better. I know what you mean about Charlie working so many hours, it is not fun to not have any help but then again I have been doing it for 4 years now so I am kinda used to it. Saturdays will be an adjustment though.

I am so proud of you for posting the post on Daddy and the one on your depression. I need to get help to but I cant even afford the doctor much less the meds. Plus I need to get my wisdom teeth cut out..lol. Did you know that the same guy that Daddy would not let us make fun of is the one who had to go tell him that mom had a wreck and Sharon was dead? Daddy said all he wanted to do was run and he wouldnt let him. Amazing huh?

Anyway, I need to go post on my blog so I will talk to you later.
Love You Sis

If we don't find Him in the small things, how will we ever find Him in the big ones? ~Elisabeth Elliot