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Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Happy Birthday (yesterday) to Kylie!!!

Wow, princess, I can't believe that you are 4 years old! I was thinking yesterday of when I went to the hospital to be with your Mom while you were being born! You were the sweetest little baby and you loved your Aunt Julie from the very beginning!

You are so sweet, Kylie bear but oh! you are so feisty! You know all about fashion and pretty things. You love shoes, just like me! You and Alaina and Claire and Lily are going to be something else together and poor Jason will just have to hang on! I am so glad that you girls will always have each other just like your Mom and I do. We had some good cousins, too but I don't think we were as close to any of them as you are to each other.

Grow big, Kylie girl! You need to grow big to hold your big heart

Love you for always,
Aunt Julie, Uncle Charlie, Claire & Lily

*When you come down to see us, we will have you a birthday party!

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crystal said...

Thank You Julie. Kylie says hi and she is feeling better. I cant believe she is four either. And to think back to that wonderful day it doesnt seem real now. It seems like a dream except I have a real live human being to take care of now. sigh......I love her so much though...

Love ya

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