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Wednesday, September 12, 2007


Okay, so I cannot wait for Fall, obviously!!! I have been looking at all of the fall decorations for the past couple of weeks even though it was still in the high 90's low 100's here. But this week has been awesome! This morning the weather was crisp and cool and I left to go run errands around noon and it was only 78! That's my kind of weather!!!
Last night for supper I made chilli, cornbread and a pineapple upside down cake because it is time to have some serious FALL FOOD!! Tonight we are having left over chilli as Frito Chilli Pie! Yum-Yum! We worked in the yard yesterday evening and it felt so good to mow the yard and weed eat without wiping gobs of sweat out of your eyes. Where we live the humidity is as thick as molasses.
I am ready to start baking and decorating (especially my front porch with scarecrows and pumpkins(furnished by my father-in-law) haybales and candles in the cut out pumpkins to make spooky faces. Claire is old enough now to enjoy all of it and I am going to love watching her and letting her help me bake in the kitchen! I have the best pumpkin bread recipe and carrot cake cupcakes are the greatest! Especially made with my cherished, beloved Kitchen Aid Mixer!!! I know that we are not to covet, but I come dangerously close with that thing!
Claire and I looked at Halloween costumes today. Yes, we do decorate and dress up for Halloween but we celebrate it more as a fall festival. We have a party at church for all of the kids and let them do pumpkin carving, face painting and other things. We also watch "It's the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown!" So, we are really looking forward to that and just getting together with family and having a lot of good food and fellowship!
I can't wait to go shopping at Hobby Lobby and Bath and Body Works with my sisters. To get together with my nieces and nephews and have some wiener & marshmallow roasts. I can't wait to do crafts with my sisters and to do the pumpkin picking/carving thing with my husband and girls. I also can't wait to put up the school calendar my sister bought me and put the pumpkins on it for Claire & Lily. I always loved the month of October at school and getting to put the stick on pumpkin on the calendar to change the date! Oh, there are so many things I can't wait to make and bake and craft and EAT!
Just felt like posting this today, I LOVE FALL!!!!
(Oh, also, I met my husband in the fall, this month, actually!) And that makes it even more perfect!!!


Amy said...

I look forward to Fall all year long - it is my favorite!! We are a frito pie lovin' family too. I'm already putting up my fall leaf garlands on top of the kitchen cabinets this week. I'll put a few more leafy, scarecrow-y things out in the next week or two, but I make the pumpkins wait til Oct. 1st.

Where can I buy that pumpkin soap? Is it Bath & Body Works? Too cute!! We also do more of a Fall Festival thing. We make costumes & trick-or-treat, but I threw out all the scary stuff several years ago. Satan is too real to bring all of that into my home! (Halloween is such a big can-o-worms, isn't it?)

According to HIS Power said...


Yes, it is Bath &Bodyworks, it is $10 and it smells SO good,too! I would have emailed you but you didn't leave your adress so, I hope you read this! Frito chili pie, yum!


crystal said...

Oh....I love fall. Did You read my post the other day on it? I have already been burning candles (apple pie, pumpkin spice, and mulled cider) we went and bought the stuff for our centerpiece and got it put on the table. This is the first year I have had a big enough table to put one on it. I dont know what we are doing at Church this year...Kylie wats me to make her a wedding dress....a blue one...lolwith silver sparkles...I told you she was your kid.

love ya

I think frito chili pie is going on my list...

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