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Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Christmas Dresses

Crystal, my dear sister, this is mainly for you (but everyone else feel free to read too!) I have been looking around on the net for some Christmas dresses that my girls can take pictures in and wear throughout the rest of the winter (to church). So, after much consideration, here are a few of the gazillion that I found:

The best part is that the shoes (from the Children's Place, are just $10!!!!

Well, I hope you enjoyed my little Christmas Fashion Party! lol. Happy (very early) Holidays!

Love, Julie


crystal said...

See all black....I dont know...I may try to make claire and lily one too if i can find a pattern and material.

Love the shoes.

love ya

Denise said...

Those dresses and shoes are so awesome. What a great deal on the shoes my friend.

Darcy said...

Isn't it fun shopping for little girls?!! I love the second picture - the all read dress. I can just picture it with white tights and those adorable black patent leather shoes!

HappyMama said...

I am literally ADDICTED!!! to Children's Place. LOVE that store.. and you can tell once you open Brooklyn's closet!!

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