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Monday, October 1, 2007

Fun Weekend!!!

First of all for the bad news: Someone tried to break into our house this weekend. They were not successful but they did some damage which my husband had to stay home today and fix so that we would be safe. We ask for your prayers and I specifically ask for prayers to help me battle the fear that I am feeling right now. They tried to break into my little girl's room and I am terrified. I am so tense that right now I am getting nauseous typing this because I have a bad migraine. So, please pray that I can hand my fear over to the Lord and place my faith and trust in Him and not more deadbolt locks and alarm systems!

Now for the good part of my weekend: Thank you so much to my mother-in-law for watching the girls Saturday night while we went out to eat. We were only gone about an hour but it was so nice to do something together and have time to talk and connect! That was SO sweet of you, thank you!!!! Also, thank you to Carissa (our niece) who came over and played with the girls. Claire is still talking about you! Thanks to Aunt Tammy & Uncle Jeremy for feeding her marshmallows, she had a really good time!Also, I got my house clean this weekend and I went to the grocery store with my husband without spending to much money and without the girls throwing fits! It was a REALLY restful week-end. I have needed a weekend like that for A WHILE!!!

Anyway, I just wanted to ask for your prayers and thank our wonderful family for all they did this weekend. Love ya'll!!!!!!!

Have a Blessed week!



Denise said...

Well, let me begin by saying that I am so glad that your family is safe, praise God. I am very much in prayer for your continued safety, may God give you peace my friend. I am so happy that you and your husband got some alone time, that is really nice.

In Light of the Truth... said...

sorry to hear bout the break-in attempt! I will be praying for to be restored to your blessed home!

And I'm very GLAD to hear you and hubs have been getting time to talk and reconnect lately!! Inspires to plan an at-home date for sometime this week! =)

If we don't find Him in the small things, how will we ever find Him in the big ones? ~Elisabeth Elliot