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Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Prayer Requests and my hubby

Okay, this is going to sound odd but would you please pray for my husband, right now? He is trying to fix our well pump (we don't have rural water) and the pump is giving him fits. We have called the service guy and he isn't able to help much either. So, tomorrow he begins on it again after a day and a half of trying to fix it. It is really stressing him right now and me as well because we have no water. It's very humbling as it makes me realize there are those who never have water close by and if they do it is filthy. So, I need prayers as well so that my patience does not run thin and that I can be a supportive wife to my hardworking husband who can fix anything (really).

I want to brag on him a little because I never have to call a repair man, this saves us thousands of dollars in repair bills, I am sure. He can fix anything. It is amazing and I just am in awe of how smart he is. My washer is messed up right now and our warranty has been out for awhile. He will fix it; no problem. He will fix the central heat and air unit, too. He also lays tile and carpet and fixes our cars and truck. He welds, does carpentry and is an amazing cook. He rocks babies and changes diapers and feeds bottles and gives baths and sings bible songs and reads scripture and says prayers with our babies. He also plays baby dolls as well as tractors and trucks with Claire. He makes cookies and cakes with Claire and lets her help him do most everything.

He works cows and pulls calves and has raised hogs and nursed all of our animals back to health at one time or another. He cuts wood and hunts and does crafts with me. He does bible study with me and the girls. He is a song leader, communion prayer leader, and part time preacher with 3 other men at our church. He organizes and does activities with the youth (we need to get back in the swing with this; got behind when I was sick with Lily and having a new baby) He goes shopping with me and doesn't complain while I try on clothes and look at stuff for the house. (okay, most of the time, he doesn't complain!) He takes me out to eat and takes me and the girls for long drives and most of all, he says there is no where he would rather be than at home with us. He hates going back to work. Not because he's lazy but because he loves being home with us.

So, please pray for my amazing husband. I felt like he needed some appreciation and honor tonight so there it is! :o)

Also, on a more serious note, please pray for my sister and her husband and their children. My nephew, one of the best and sweetest young men I have ever had the honor to call my own, is having A LOT of problems right now and I can't go into further detail. PLEASE pray for him and for them, we love him SO much and just want everything to get better for him. I hope I get to see him Thanksgiving but I don't know yet with the way things are here. PLEASE PRAY!

So, I am off to read the book of Job, I have felt like I needed to read it for a couple of weeks now so I am heeding HIS voice and giving it my all. (Crystal, do you remember that song, Oh Happy Am I, my story to tell, how Jesus saved me and all now is well, Oh Happy Am I and soon I shall see, my Heavenly home that's waiting for me!? Us & Mama on alto, Tammy on Soprano and Daddy on bass? Been singing that all day! Love you girl, so much. Your sissy)

Have a Blessed Thanksgiving!



Denise said...

Lifting your husband up in my prayers, you are blessed to have such a loving, caring, and helpful husband. I am also praying for your nephew, I love you my friend.

crystal said...

Okay now that song is stuck in my head too.....kinda mixed up with Jesus loves me and twinkle twinkle...lol

Tell Charlie I am praying for him....he is a good husband and he can fix it. Kinda like my husband....they just got to have patience while they are doing it and well pumps are very irritating.

Love ya

If we don't find Him in the small things, how will we ever find Him in the big ones? ~Elisabeth Elliot