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Thursday, February 21, 2008


The reason for the name of this post is that I dream of making stuff like this all of the time, I wish I had the skills to do it ,and now, for the first time, I truly believe in myself enough to make it happen! I am talking about sewing! It's so funny, my sister sews very well but until recently has been afraid to cook anything very complicated! I am the exact opposite! I cook anything and everything but I am afraid to try and sew something that looks intimidating! Go figure! :o)

I so want to get these made for the girls summer wardrobes before the baby comes! Aren't they adorable?!

*If you like the look of these, I found my inspiration at CWDkids.com (click on the link)

They have a free catalog and all of their stuff is super cute! I can't really afford to buy it which is why I am sewing it! lol. :o)

Have a Terrific Thursday! Love, Julie


crystal said...

Hey, Easy stuff to start with and you can do it! I really believe you can. And by the way, I am still scared to death to make anything really complicated but I do try it every once in a while. But you know the secret to sewing...finding the time with three kids and a house....now thats complicated...lol.

Very Cute clothes..Very Claire like!

love ya

Denise said...

Those are so cute, you will do a great job sweetie.

Darcy said...

Very cute! I'm longing for warm summer days when I can dress my girls in clothes like this. :)

Hope you are feeling well!

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