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Monday, February 18, 2008

Love letter to Claire-bear

*More pictures to come later! I am going to try and get them uploaded on my Mom's computer. Mine is almost dead! :o(

As I sit here writing this, you are sitting by me in the recliner with your juice cup, your pink cowgirl hat and your new hot pink boots (Ariat Fatbabies; pictures to come!) on your feet, swinging back and forth. You keep saying, "Mama, Mama, look my pitty, pitty BOOTS!!!"
You are Mama's everything, sweet girl! Daddy's princess, the best helper that I never knew I needed. You are the best big sister that I have ever known. Always the first to rush and give Sissy comfort. Always taking care of Sissy before yourself. Always patient when explaining things to Sis.
I love your early morning cuddles and hugs and kisses. I love when you grab my face in both of your hands and say so solemnly, " I wuv you, Mama." You have such a silly side, too. I love your jokes and your funny stories about everything! You tell some really good ones about Bos(Boscoe, our dog). You laugh all of the time, at me, especially!
Right now, I am having to write this around the tracings you always want me to do of your hands (with painted fingernails and rings, please, Mama). Just like me, you love to read and just like your Daddy you are left handed and you love old trucks and tractors. Just like Both of us, you love to laugh and you love to cook! Your favorite songs are "Jesus Loves Me", "Lord, I hope this day is good" and "Deuces are Wild"(yes, I know). You love bathtime and you eat anything we ask you to. You love shrimp and your favorite vegetable is broccoli and mushrooms!
I have learned so much from you, sweet girl, and I continue to learn more every day! You taught me (and still are) how to be a Mama. You bore most of my mistakes and I have made plenty. But, Oh, How much I love you! (THIS MUCH!!!!! (Arms Wide Open )and you KNOW that!)
I remember the day that you were born, labor was So hard and I thought that you would never get here! Finally, and after much help, you arrived but not breathing. As the doctors worked on your little blue body, all I remember is Daddy and MeMe squeezing my hands, both crying and MeMe telling me to "Pray! Pray!" and she started praying out loud for you and then Daddy started in with her. I remember staring at the angel that they had on the ceiling above my head and all I could think was, "Please God" over and over. After it seemed like forever, I heard you cry! A soft little kitten cry but you cried! And then, they took you to get stabilized. I finally got to hold you almost 3 hours later! And, I never wanted to let you go!Grandma Wilma told me when I found out we were pregnant with you that you were God's gift sent directly to me after all of our struggle ;that He was rewarding us for our faithfulness and she was right! I know that God also could have chosen for us never to have children, no matter how faithful we were and I had come to the point where I had accepted that and wanted to live for God no matter the outcome, that He would be enough, but we are so blessed that He saw to give us you girls and this new baby. We waited 7 long years for you, sweet Claire-bear, punkin, love bug, Ted, punk(short for punkin) and it is so amazing to be your Mama! I am So glad that you had a Happy Birthday, my precious, adorable, spunky, baby girl!
We Love You So Much,
Mama, Daddy & Sissy
*Family and Friends that read this;
In case you are wondering, I am going to have a bigger Birthday party for Claire later this month. I am just not feeling well enough right now and Charlie has a lot of stuff going on as well. So, I will let everyone know all the details later, in case you were wondering. We just had cake and ice cream here the other night and she opened her presents. We did not have people over. So, if you want to come to her party, it will be later this month. I am not trying to leave anyone out or upset anyone. I apologize if I have.
I will let eveyone know later. Love to all, Julie


crystal said...

Sniff...Sniff....Yeah I'm crying. I remember the day you were born Claire Bear and how happy your mommy and daddy were and how we all waited for you to come out and see us and then the pediatrician rushing by and then coming out and telling us you were okay. I am so glad that you are here with us today! Life would definately not be the same without my Claire Bear calling me Aunt Sistal! That just lights up my day.

Love You and Happy Birthday
Aunt Sistal

Denise said...

This post brought tears to my eyes, love you my friend.

If we don't find Him in the small things, how will we ever find Him in the big ones? ~Elisabeth Elliot