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Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Claire, Lily & Cousins

Rose, Claire, Alaina & Kylie(not really going anywhere)
Claire, Alaina, Sarah, Jason, Kylie, Rose & Lily

Alaina & Claire
My sister posted these on her blog the other day but I just wanted to post them here and brag on my girls a little bit! The cutest thing is that Claire dressed herself and she is wearing her cowgirl boots with her yellow flowered shorts! So adorable! Lily is wearing a little sundress that Aunt Crystal bought her. It was a warm sunny day when we took the pictures but just a few days earlier it was 20 degrees and snowed 8 inches!!! That's the way the weather is here. We get all the seasons all at once!
The girls always have such a great time playing together and Sarah (the oldest girl cousin) is always so good and patient with them. Rose is so sweet and loving towards all the little ones, too. It's so nice to watch all of them together.
Anyway, this is all of my parents grandchildren except for Jack, Jesse & Michael. They are the oldest (17-18 yrs.) and they are too macho to have their picture taken with the little kids! (Just kidding, guys) Actually, they were working. Just wanted to share these pictures because they are of my family and my family always makes me smile. We may have our tough times but we love each other and we are involved in each others lives and I think that is worth quite a bit. Anyway, just sharing some things that make me smile today! :o)
Love, Julie


crystal said...

They are cute! I have pictures of the boys playing...riding horses and roping..I think Jack is addicted to that he wants a horse..lol. Never thought we would hear that did we? Anyway, I am glad that we all get along at times and that our kids at least are all so close...It makes it nice.

Love Ya

Denise said...

So very precious, I love these pictures.

If we don't find Him in the small things, how will we ever find Him in the big ones? ~Elisabeth Elliot