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Thursday, March 27, 2008

A Wasp Cure? HELP!!!!

Does anyone have ANY ideas at all on how to get rid of an excessive amount of these horrible creatures?!!!! We have vinyl siding on our home and we have been overtaken with these awful things. They are mostly coming in our house through the girls bedroom which is driving me crazy because I can't even let them play in there or take a nap! It is insane!!!We have always had some trouble with them but lately it has just reached a whole other level! Any ideas at all?!!! We have tried wasp spray and we have tried to plug up the holes. We will tear off the siding as soon as money permits and replace with something else. I kid you not, there are just swarms of them outside of our home and they are getting in somehow.

I hate them and I am terrified of these things!!! I will try to kill them if I have to but usually I am not very good at it and just make them angry which is NOT the thing to do!

Anyway, so I am rambling, but if you have any ideas PLEASE pass them along!!!!! and PLEASE pray for me that I can deal with my fear of these mean creatures!!!!!!

Love, Julie


HappyMama said...

Scream and run away!?

crystal said...

I agree with Malisa...I really dont know what else to tell you though...remember where we used to live? When Kylie was born? We had them all in that house and I pretty much just learned to ignore them.though sometimes I could be found waiting outside til Paul came home to rescue me...lol. I tried to kill them too but them suckers are dadgum hard to kill...lol..

Love ya

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