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Thursday, March 20, 2008

Things going on around here and tribute to great friends.....

Feeling a little better today, Thank you for your sweet encouragement, Denise, Sis & Misty! Ya'll are such great friends! Charlie got rained out at work yesterday(nothing new) and so, he went with me to get the girls Easter stuff. It was a stressful day, mainly because of the giant crowds but I got most of it done and I feel better. Usually I wait until the Saturday before, crazy, I know!

Thanks (a HUGE Thank You) to my sister for buying the girls' dresses for me and shipping them down here! You helped so much! They are precious & I am going to try and post a picture from the website (I'll see if I can). Yellow and oh, so pretty on the girls! They have white shoes (Lily, ballet slippers and Claire has dressy flip-flop sandals). I got headbands for them yesterday(Claire's choice) and everything to go in their bunny rabbit Easter baskets! I am so excited I have it all done! I am wearing a dress I have that still fits me (I got some new dressy shoes at Payless for $10!!!) and Charlie got a new shirt (that he desperately needs). So, all in all, even with the Easter Basket stuff, I didn't spend too much, I stayed within budget!

Another blessing, is that we learned from our tax lady that our tax mess is fixable and that we will be getting a nice refund! Yay! Praise the Lord, we really could not afford to pay the IRS anything right now on top of everything else and now we can buy a new mattress that we severly need!!!!! I am SO excited!!!! :o)

Please continue to pray for me, my up and down moods really scare me at times. Not because I am violent or anything, sometimes I just feel like I am losing my grip. That is the scariest feeling that I have ever known. I am typing this right now with a horrible headache but I just wanted to share my blessings with all of you, my dear friends!

Please pray that Charlie's job stabilizes. He has missed so much work this year because of the horrendous amount of rainfall that we have had. Financially, we are struggling tremendously. We really need your prayers right now.

And, Misty, one last thing, Girl, I owe you lunch or something!!!!! I still haven't gotten your gift card to you, so, I am going to have to do something about that, pronto! I feel so bad, I just remembered that the other day! And DON"T ARGUE WITH ME!!!!!! (Love ya)

Sis, thanks so much for the work you did to get the dresses for the girls, I LOVE YOU BUNCHES!!!!!!!

Denise, Thank you for the SWEET CARD, You made me day, you are an amazing friend! Love you!

Well, I have to go and spend time with my kids, we are coloring Easter pictures and I am trying to figure out some crafts to do to celebrate Jesus' ressurection, any ideas?! I have an Easter cookie recipe that is really cool, I will try to post it sometime today, so stay tuned for that!

Sending my love to all of you,



Denise said...

I love you so much my precious friend, thanks for your kind words. I am glad you are in a better mood. I am truly sorry that your family is struggling right now financially, I understand how that can be. I am asking God to open up the heavens and pour out some financial blessings upon you. I pray that your family has a blessed and beautiful Easter. I know the girls are going to look so cute.

crystal said...

Your Welcome! I just wish I could do more. I am glad you are feeling better. You have a very heavy load right now but remember that God is with you. I'll keep praying for you and charlie. Send me pics of the girls please....i bet they are going to look so cute in their dresses....

Love yall and miss yall....

If we don't find Him in the small things, how will we ever find Him in the big ones? ~Elisabeth Elliot