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Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Claire & Lily's New Favorite Book....

This is Claire & Lily's new favorite book! They absolutely LOVE it when Charlie or I read it to them! Although, they like it SO much better when Daddy reads to them than when I do, because Daddy talks just like Grover when he reads it; I can't do that! :o)

They squeal and laugh so hard when Grover says, "DO NOT TURN THE PAGE, DO NOT TURN THE PAGE!!!! WHAT ARE YOU DOING? WHY DID YOU TURN THE PAGE?!!!!!!"

If you do not have this book for your kids, you need to get it soon! Read it and read it silly! Take the time to make special memories and LAUGH with your kids, they are SO worth it!

I hope to have pictures soon of us reading this book. I know I will because they never get tired of it! I am getting a new camera this week (hopefully, unless nothing comes up) so I should be able to take more pictures and post them more often! I can't wait; I love to take pictures! We are going to a cook out at Mom & Dad Fogg's this weekend and I hope to get LOTS of pictures of the Fogg cousins! Can't wait! :o)

Have a wonderful Tuesday, everyone!


AmyD said...

My dad read that to me as I was growing up! It's my favorite and he now reads it to Emily. That's so great that Charlie can read it in a Grover voice, that totally makes the whole book. Too cute!

Denise said...

That is sweet.

Bethany said...

I LOVED that book when I was younger. Adorable!!!

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