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Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Baby Girls?

Okay, give me your best names for baby girls! As many suggestions as you want to make! We are going for my checkup on May 6th and the ultrasound is scheduled for the next week! I have no idea what names we like for a baby girl but want to have a few to pick from just in case it's a girl! We have some ideas but nothing that just says, "that's it!!!" Maybe it will be a boy, lol. Anyway, give me your favorites and don't worry, I promise I will take all of them into consideration. :o)

We always like to know the baby's name ahead of the birth but we had a terrible time deciding on Lily's and I don't want that to happen with this one! I just like to start calling it by name after we find out what it is, it makes me feel closer to the baby and I think it will help the girls get ready for their new sibling!

Charlie has some boy names picked out that we like pretty well but if you also want to submit some of those, that will be fine, too!

Have a fun time coming up with ideas and let me know soon! :o)


Denise said...

I am thinking, lol

Bethany said...

Have you heard of Nymbler.com? It's one of my favorite sites- you can plug in your girls' names and it will suggest lots of names for you. Ones I think go well with Claire and Lily (beautiful!!):


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