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Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Day 6-Husband Encouragement Challenge


"Whatever you do, do all to the glory of God." (1 Corinthians 10:31b)

Do you recognize and appreciate your husband's creativity? Or do you criticize and demean his efforts? Instead of negativity, determine to be positive. Perhaps you can help your husband see that his efforts are an opportunity to glorify God.

Is your husband the "creative" type? Does he have any artistic gifts? What is that special "knack" he has? Affirm him for his handiwork--a hobby, music, gardening, tinkering with cars, working with wood, etc. Remember: Even if he doesn't measure up to your standards, praise his efforts. If your budget allows, buy him a book or magazine that will continue to encourage his special skill or talent.

If you have a hard time finding his "creative side," understand that men's creativity sometimes is related to their work. Find something he does to make his job run more smoothly or something he does that adds value to his work, and let him know that you have noticed.
Make his day--Praise his accomplishments in public, while he is listening.

*Charlie is VERY talented! He is an amazing woodworker, a welder, a gardener, takes care of sick animals, very inventive & creative, an amazing cook, and also can fix anything and runs every piece of equipment on his job (and these are not all of his talents!). He is always coming up with fun things for us to do and different ways to teach the girls important things without boring them. He does most of teaching Claire's ABC & counting and takes time each evening to do something that Claire & Lily enjoy. He is the organized one and often comes up with "systems" that make life easier for me. He has made all of the picture frames in our home and does all home improvement projects himself. We have NEVER had to hire a carpenter, painter, plumber, electrician, handy man, ANYTHING! He can do it all! I am SO proud to be Charlie's wife!

Join us today in encouraging your husband, if you haven't already done so! It will truly be a blessing to your marriage!




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Denise said...

Sounds like Eddie and Charlie have alot in common sweetie.

If we don't find Him in the small things, how will we ever find Him in the big ones? ~Elisabeth Elliot