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Saturday, April 19, 2008

God Will Fight For You!

Exodus 14:14 (The Message)

14 God will fight the battle for you. And you? You keep your mouths shut!"

I have gone through some things that are pretty tough. I have been tempted to say things in a moment of anger that I would later regret. I have been praying about this a lot lately. God has already shown me that I have a lot of victories over old habits and struggles. I have been praising Him so much lately for giving me victory over my struggles with people being angry with me, what people think about me, trying to make everybody happy. The victories that I have in these areas are HUGE! :o) I used to be so full of anxiety that I would dwell on something someone said about me forever. I would make myself sick if I knew that I had to face that person, worrying about what they thought of me. I felt like such a failure that I didn't think I deserved for anyone to love me or respect me. Well, God has conquered that and shown me otherwise. I do deserve to be loved and treated with great respect. Just like other people do as well. I no longer let what people say about me destroy me.

This morning, I was surfing some blogs that I surf every once in a while and I came upon this post. She was talking about something that really hit home for me. I do not need to struggle so much with what I should say or how I should act around those who wrong me. I should just treat them as well as I possibly can and "BE STILL" and let God do the fighting for me! I do not have to fight. He is completely capable of taking care of my problems. He is capable of completely even doing away with the problem, if that is His will. If not, He will give me the strength to bear it. After all, I have faced many struggles and I am still here. I am still a woman who loves God, and loves and takes care of my husband and children the best I know how! I should not struggle over something as minor and insignificant as what someone's opinion is of me! Who cares? God can and will deal with it.

Oftentimes as women, we allow our tongues to rule us. We speak without thinking it through and we say harsh things, especially to and about other women. Oh, how women love to gossip! This is true and we cannot deny it! We lash out at others because we are so emotional. We wear our emotions, they make up so much of who we are. So many times we women are controlled by our emotions. This verse also, in another translation, says to "BE STILL". Just Be still. Wow! That is all we have to do? Why is that so hard? Because we fight authority. We fight because we feel we have a right to be heard and vindicated. We fight because we let Satan win. Pure and Simple.

So, today I choose to BE STILL. Let God handle my emotions. Let God handle my anger. My hurts. Let God heal me. Let God "hold my hand". Because the greatest feeling of all is when we are in total reliance upon God and we have to place our hand in His and relinquish full control. We have to give it all to Him and just TRUST.

Have a Blessed Weekend,



Denise said...

Awesome post my friend, and so very true. I love you.

Nandi said...

God is so good! He brought me this message, all the way over here in South Africa and it was just what I needed to hear.

I'm going through some issues at work and I feel the lesson I needed to learn from this experience is to rely wholly on God and to just "be still" and let Him be God.

You are blessed and have greatly blessed me with this post.

If we don't find Him in the small things, how will we ever find Him in the big ones? ~Elisabeth Elliot