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Friday, April 11, 2008

My Blessed Day

Tonight I am sitting here after making a peach cobbler (or "pie", as Claire calls it) with Charlie & Claire. Claire even got to make a pie crust with the leftover dough. She loved rolling it out herself and poking holes in the crust! We had SUCH a wonderful day together buying vegetable & flower plants and planting them in our garden and the flowers in pots. Claire & Lily each picked out a couple of flower plants a piece and they just loved looking at them and they got upset that we had to put them in the car at the nursery! :o)

Charlie & I got to talk and discuss some things and just tease and have fun, so it was a great day for me with very little stress! The baby moved all day and now has a cute hickup habit! Lily is almost walking! She is taking a few steps and then sitting down and laughing or crying! She is being a real lovebug lately and I am eating that up. :o) It is going so much better with the girls. I just find that my ability to handle things is improving day by day. Thank you so much everyone for your wonderful prayers.

I am going to bed now and reading my bible with my hubby. We are trying to get back on track with our Max Lucado, "Facing your Giants" study. It has blessed us tremendously so far. I hope to do a post on that in the near future! Right now I am busy with other things and planning my sweet and fiesty Lily's 1 YEAR birthday party!!!! I can't believe that she will be 1 on May 1st!!! :o(

And, continuing the Husband Encouragement Challenge, here is what was in my inbox today! Click on Revive Our Hearts to read the broadcast today"Words He Can Hear". These broadcasts and this challenge have changed my heart and continue to convict me to be the best wife that I can be, won't you join me? Please read and be blessed!
Have a Great Weekend!

Love, Julie


crystal said...

I am so happy that you had a good day. I'm glad that you and Charlie had a good day together. There is a song that I like...by Craig Morgan..(I think it is called Rain for the Roses) I really believe that this song is true. You will love the book when you are done....I just want to re read it all the time now...I find myself reading it instead of doing laundry. lol.

Jason got his first hair cut today...(sniff sniff..) I cried. Anyway, Paul fell off of a ladder today.(about 12ft to the concrete floor) so I have to go take care of him.

Love YA (keep praying and enjoying your family time...rain for the roses)

Denise said...

I praise God for letting you have such a great family day. I love you sweetie.

In Light of the Truth... said...

yum, I LOVE peach cobbler! and I'm sooo glad you had such a good day!

If we don't find Him in the small things, how will we ever find Him in the big ones? ~Elisabeth Elliot