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Monday, May 12, 2008

A Yummy, Filling, Cheap Meal!!!

To go with my post on saving money, I want to share one of our favorite meals with you! Homemade Baked Mac & Cheese (click for the recipe). It's one of the cheapest things I can make, even cheaper if you get WIC for your cheese and milk. We add a side or two of vegetables, usually steamed broccoli, cauliflower, carrots, or peas. Very soon we will be having veggie stir frys out of our garden with the mac & cheese! Yummy!

It makes enough for tonights meal plus lunch tomorrow for us & Charlie to take with him. This is really good comfort food!!! *The only change I make is I use plain yellow mustard (out of the bottle) instead of dried mustard. So good and gives it a good color, too! Also, you can use rotini or shell or any kind of firm pasta. Tonight, we are using rotini that I got for 62 cents a box. Also, add a little more milk if it is too dry for you. And, I put crushed saltines on top and pour a little melted butter over them before baking (instead of using bread crumbs). Hope this helps!

I hope you can use this recipe to stretch your food budget a little farther! Enjoy!

*Also, check out Crystal's tips on money saving and this link, as well! Very helpful information!


Denise said...

This sounds so yummy.

crystal said...

I made this last night...Paul loved it. It was yummy.

Love Ya

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