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Friday, August 22, 2008

This makes me happy....

This is what makes my life the joyous life that it is!!! Thank you, Lord for these awesome blessings that I get to be with every day!! And for the new baby that will bring so much more joy to our lives!!! Can't wait!!! =)


Denise said...

You have such a beautiful, and precious family.

crystal said...

Oh they are getting so big...I miss em so much...Charlie too...lol.

Love Ya

Rebecca said...

Thank you for stopping by and for your family's prayers! I have been moved to tears over and over again today and emails continue to pour in from all over the country. I don't even know how word spread so fast, but the Spirit was moving on hearts to do battle for Madeline. I didn't know it yesterday, but today I believe that's why God did a miracle! I still can hardly believe we are at home and nothing happened! Thank you for your thoughts.

On another note, I was looking through your blog and your family is beautiful. You girls age difference is close to mine and they are both blond, and you were touched by Angie's blog...so I feel we have a bit in common. With my third pregnancy, though it ended too soon, I remember feeling different - having 2 to take care of while I grew a 3rd could get a bit overwhelming. And just thinking of raising a boy, after I had the girls down pat, was a whole other issue. I read that you are close and will be praying for you and your precious baby boy, that his delivery would be smooth, for health and strength and wisdom in that experience.

God bless, Rebecca

If we don't find Him in the small things, how will we ever find Him in the big ones? ~Elisabeth Elliot