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Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Just numb...

*updated to add: I do continue to pray for the leaders of our country. In fact, now more than ever. I do not like the choice for President and I do not support this choice. However, I believe that God allowed him to become President for his own reasons. Whatever the reasons, and whatever he stands for, I must pray for him as I am told by my God to pray for the leaders of my country. Just wanted to clarify that. I don't hate Barack Obama. I am not a hater. I do, however, hate what his actions have done to the unborn of our country. And I will continue to stand against abortion and gay marriage and the list goes on.... I believe that God is placing us in this period as a time of trial. I believe that we will become stronger through this and I am no biblical scholar but I believe that we may very well be close to the end. Anyway, just my ramblings and thoughts. Thank you for continuing to read. And please, please, continue to pray fervently for this country. We all know that especially in these times, that it is extremely important.

Also, my husband has a post here that is well worth the read. It gives me hope and a reason to carry on. For I KNOW IN WHOM I TRUST. I KNOW WHOM I SERVE.

Hurting in my heart for this country,


Denise said...

Amen, I am in total agreement . We need to pray for our country.

crystal said...

Thank you for saying this. I am just sick right now...sick. I cant believe it happened....I have this fear now of what will happen and it is not good. I have been praying, I am still praying but I jut cant seem to get past the sickness and the fear.

I know that I will not quit trusting in God, I will not quit teaching my kids about God and all things right. But it still hurts that our nation that we live in would do this. But I will keep praying and keep soaking myself in Gods word. HE will take care of HIS people.

Love Ya

JavaMama said...

Could we be nearing the end... I pray that we are, for the sake of the suffering. It appears to be so. I am in mourning today after Americas decision of who is to lead our country.

I weep with you today Julie...

JOYfully in Him,

If we don't find Him in the small things, how will we ever find Him in the big ones? ~Elisabeth Elliot