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Saturday, December 20, 2008


Ah....the blessings of family are the greatest..... some highlights from our weekend thus far.......

* Claire did NOT sit on Santa (aka, Uncle George's) lap, however Lily did & talked up a storm to him! Goes to show what Mommy knows, huh? :) Drew also did excellent! We did, however, get a good picture of Claire with Sarah & Santa Claus a little later. :)

* 4 HUGE sacks of candy, apples & oranges to take home from the sweet family of the American Legion my family has been a part of for 3 going on 4 generations.

* Wonderful parents (and Carissa) who offer to babysit ALL 3 children so we can shop all day undisturbed! WOW! What great grandparents & great cousins our children have! :)

*Lunch with Jeremy & Tammy (Charlie's brother and his wife) after we met up in the city. What fun! We never get to do anything together. That was such a great idea, ya'll!!! :)

*WONDERFUL husband & 3 VERY sleepy worn out babies!!!

Got to go and get the middle child back to sleep! Have a great rest of the weekend!! :)


*church even though it was FREEZING cold!!! Seriously, people, it was 70 here yesterday. This morning we woke up to 21 and it felt like 11 degrees outside. That is INSANE. and hey, I found my very nice gloves that I lost last year, in my dresser drawer! That's crazy.

*I got up at 6 am and made chili and left it cooking on my wodstove all morning while we were at church! Came home to Frito Chili Pie(I have had 3 bowls) shh..... oh, it was good! :) And, I felt like Laura Ingalls Wilder cooking on my woodstove!

*When the kids wake up, we are going to bake more cookies, make more spice ornaments, and tonight open Christmas pj's (that I got at Old Navy for $5 each! Can you belive that?) and after baths, take our traditional picture under the tree. Hopefully, Claire will get a barbie nightgown from MeMe because that is all she has asked for and I can not find one!! Silly Mama, I waited until the last minute. But, all is not lost, I still have a few days. ;)

*We have been watching Barbie's "A Christmas Carol" and "The Nutcracker (which is where I first heard the name Clara (hence, Claire)). I love both of these movies just as much as the girls and I am not afraid to say so. It's so much fun watching my little girls and remembering back to my childhood and dreaming along with them.... I LOVE being a Mama! SO Much!

Well, I have to go and feed Drew. He made the paper today. He was in the baby's first Christmas. I haven't seen the kids Santa Claus letters yet. Hopefully soon!

Merry Christmas!



Denise said...

Sounds like a wonderful weekend my friend.

crystal said...

Ahhh I forgot to write letters to santa,,oh well, maybe next year. We have been so busy trying to stay warm...7 degrees last night felt like -5 COLD!!!!! BRRRRR. It has warmed up to like 10 this morning, feels like 3...lol. Thats warm compared to yesterday.

And yes, we love the barbie movies...we dont play barbies but we love the movies...

Gotta go get another cheesecake in the oven.

Love ya

If we don't find Him in the small things, how will we ever find Him in the big ones? ~Elisabeth Elliot