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Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Claire bear is 4!!!

*I am just now getting to post this! monday, my computer was acting wild(still is & it's NEW!) ugh. yesterday, we had to take Lily for her blood sugar test and Claire & Drew for shots. Well, Claire also got a blood sugar test. So, it was an awful day and we just really need your prayers. We hopefully will get the results today. I will keep you posted.

5 years ago, I gave my infertility to the Lord. After 3 years of waiting every month and then crying and being so depressed when I wasn't pregnant (again) and the 4 years before that when I had so many babies go to be with Jesus. , after all 7 years of heartache, we just "happened" to catch this pregnancy on a fluke! I just happened to be having blood work done and that is how I know that Claire is from God. She was detected extremely early, we got the correct medicine and I carried her to term! All of our babies are miracles but she was the first! And, what a blessing she is!

Claire is the very best little girl a mom could ever ask for. She gives me trials but she loves me desperately and she has such a love for God. She talks about Jesus all of the time and we sing songs everywhere about Jesus. She sings loud and she doesn't care who hears her! She inspires me and I hope she never loses that zeal for Christ.

Claire is an excellent big sister, amazing. She is always ready to help me with the other two and she tells everyone that Lily is her best friend and Drew is her baby. :) I love the sweet way she calls them "Lil-wee" and "Drew-bee" She is always such a helpful little girl and she always wants to learn how to do whatever Mama is doing. She is an amazing little chef (really!) and already can tell you what flour, sugar and everything else are and when to put them in. She almost has the exact measurements of the ingredients down pat! She is wonderful in the kitchen and she's only 4!

We can count almost to 20 now and we know our colors and letters (most of them). We know our ABC's!!! She always wants to read and for Mama to read to her and I love that! I used to be so engrossed in reading. She definitely takes after her Mama there!

What I really love to watch her do is to get down her journal and her bible and sit in the chair and underline things in her Bible and write and draw pictures in her journal. No, she doesn't really know what she is doing but she knows she that reading the Bible and taking notes is important so she does that. I think it's wonderful and it's really neat especially after we have just read a bible story she will sit down and basically tell it back to herself almost word for word and I love how much that helps her! She plays like she is reading Bible right now but in a little while she will be really reading it and that is just amazing!!!

What I am most proud of with Claire is her loving heart. She always wants to help someone and she prays for everyone she knows. She hates for other kids to be left out. I love to see that sweet heart in her at such a young age. And when she's acting ugly, she says this adorable thing: I will say, "Where's my good girl?" and she says, "Right here in my heart, mama" Isn't that precious?


I LOVE YOU, (This much!!!!)



Misty said...

Happy birthday to Claire, I can't believe she's already 4. I hope that you are all doing well. I'm sorry I haven't commented in so long, I do still read your blog. It's just a busy time, and about to get busier. Take care, Misty

crystal said...

Love You Claire Bear! You are so sweet and lovable!

Aunt Crystal

Denise said...

Happy Birthday to precious Claire. I am praying for the results sweetie, love you.

In Light of the Truth... said...

She underlines in her own Bible?! That is soooo sweet! That shows that you are being a fabulous example to her! It is soooo important for your children to see you reading your Bible (which I'm unfortunately not very good at doing)! Good work!

If we don't find Him in the small things, how will we ever find Him in the big ones? ~Elisabeth Elliot