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Saturday, September 26, 2009

memories made..

Just writing this for our online journal (no pictures, sorry, I left the camera in the car) :(

Kids, this morning your Dad woke up and decided that we would go to Beaver's Bend for a picnic lunch, to play on the slides and swings and to take a nature walk. Dad made deviled eggs, sweet tea and we stopped at Pruett's for some fried chicken and salad fixings. We also took our peanut butter brownies from last night. All of you really seemed to enjoy the lunch and thought that was the greatest! Then, Daddy took you to swing and slide and you just went over and over again, upside down on the slide and swinging as fast as you could go while Drew watched you and giggled!! Then, we walked through the nature center and down to the creek where you took off your shoes and socks and splashed in the water, Lily sat completely down and got soaked!!

We then drove around and looked at Mike and Renee's cabin and other pretty cabins up there. We had a lot of fun and Daddy decided that Mama and Daddy need to book a cabin and stay for the night without you!! Mama loves you dearly, kids, but that is something I am really looking forward to!! Time alone with your wonderful Dad. :)

What a wonderful day we had and I will forever keep these memories close to my heart. Maybe by writing it down, I can help you do the same. Next time we do this and Daddy promised it will be soon, I will make sure to get the camera out of the car and take LOTS of pictures...

Thank you, God, for wonderful gorgeous Fall days and warm memories made.



crystal said...

You know whats really funny...We had to leave the house today for a few hours (we set off bombs because I killed the 5th Black Widow spider this month at lunch time today) So we went driving around to some land we want to buy and it has a creek running through it so we all took our shoes off and splashed around and played and had the greatest time....decided that we really want that land :) lol. Crazy how we all ended up playing in the water today huh...

Love Yall and glad yall had a great time...and I want some of Pruetts fried Chicken and yalls brownies..lol

Denise said...

Sounds wonderful.

If we don't find Him in the small things, how will we ever find Him in the big ones? ~Elisabeth Elliot