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Tuesday, October 27, 2009


Tomorrow is a VERY difficult day for my family, every.single.year. Especially for my sweet Mom and Dad. October 28, 1978 is the day that my 4 yr. old sister was taken to heaven. So, while knowing that she is in such a better place it is also HARD for my parents and family to face every.single.waking.moment. without her,even though it's been 31 years.

I never felt what they felt until I became a mother. I knew it was sad and it made me sad that they were hurting. I was sad because I never got to know my sweet sister. BUT, I never really got it until I gave birth to a sweet little bundle of pink named Claire and then her sister, Lily and brother, Drew. Now I KNOW. And, I use this, the end of October, to allow myself to truly feel someone else's pain. I make myself slow down and capture each little moment that God gives me and I tuck it away, I cherish it. Each little hug and kiss and story and laugh and even each tantrum!! I try to give thanks in the midst of it all...

This year, I invite you to join me. You will never know if this is your last laugh with your child. Your last coloring sheet. Your last battle over bedtime. Your last story time cuddled in your lap. Your last Fall. Your last Christmas. Your last good morning and good night.

You will never know.

So, squeeze your kids. LOVE them A LOT!!!! Shower them with love. Do something they want to do and don't look at your watch. Take a deep breath and just "BE"...... in the moment....because it could be your last.

Much love and many prayers for you all,


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Denise said...

God bless your family at this precious time of remembrance. I love you.

If we don't find Him in the small things, how will we ever find Him in the big ones? ~Elisabeth Elliot