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Wednesday, October 28, 2009

prayers & excitement..

Well, Charlie has been off work for a total of about 3 weeks this month with NO pay and no hope of it anytime soon....(unemployment is currently going through an overhaul(tier2) and has denied all of the claims of everyone on his job, so it may take MONTHS to get our money....lovely....

SO, we would really appreciate your prayers....I mean, REALLY...


we MAY get to go to stay with my sister and her family the rest of this week so Charlie can do some WORK!!!!!! Yay!!! I get to see my sister and he gets to work; what more can I ask for???? :)

Seriously, please pray that we make some money QUICK because we have an electric bill to pay this week and it.must.be.paid. or they will shut it off. This is not fun, being broke and normally, I don't talk about money but we really need your prayers.

Please pray that Charlie finds some steady work in the midst of all of this rain and that opportunities will come our way so that our situation will improve. All of the going out and looking for work(and he has been) in the world will not help if there is not opportunities there and that is what I am asking you to pray for!!

For right now, we thank GOD every day for such wonderful family!!!

Off to hopefully have a wonderful rest of the week with family....



Abrams Family said...

"God is not surprised by your situation"

He is in control of Yesterday Today and Tomorrow!! Be Still and Know that HE is God.. Praise him during this hard time.. and try to figure out what he is trying to teach you! He is drawing you closer to Himself!

Praying for your family here in SC

Denise said...

May God meet all of your needs sweetie, love you.

If we don't find Him in the small things, how will we ever find Him in the big ones? ~Elisabeth Elliot