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Monday, November 9, 2009

Monday Meanderings...

Bible Study:

I am studying with Amanda this week!

Memory Verse:
Consider it wholly joyful, my brethren, whenever you are enveloped in or encounter trials of any sort or fall into various temptations.3Be assured and understand that the trial and proving of your faith bring out endurance and steadfastness and patience.4But let endurance and steadfastness and patience have full play and do a thorough work, so that you may be [people] perfectly and fully developed [with no defects], lacking in nothing

Husband Encouragement:
continue writing him notes of encouragement to find in the mornings. The sour cream bacon chicken is for him (it's a fave). I will try my best to have everything ready and laid out for the gospel meeting this weekend so he doesn't have to help a lot and so that we will be on time. :)

Train them up:

Working on Mama this week!! NO YELLING!!!!! Patience and Kindness
Lily- listening,obeying,focusing
Claire- obeying 1st time, immediate consequences for disobedience
Drew-listening,consequences for temper tantrums (put in his crib)


ALL bedrooms!!! 

Must Do:
*get kids new church shoes
*clean out the car!!! (I say this every.single.week!)
*Hang laundry out on line
*make Christmas list (final one) for people I haven't bought/made gifts for yet.


breakfast: eggnog pancakes, sliced apples
lunch: lunchables
supper: sour cream bacon chicken over mashed potatoes, green beans & corn

breakfast: eggs & bacon, fruit
lunch: PB & honey sandwiches on sour dough bread, bananas
supper: hobo dinners, salad

breakfast: banana nut muffins
lunch: dollar menu at Sonic
supper: Roast chicken, sweet potatoes, cabbage

breakfast: pumpkin spice muffins
lunch: tuna fish sandwiches
supper: Autumn Chowder, cornbread

breakfast: leftover muffins and yogurt
lunch: hot dogs, fruit
supper: tortilla soup to take to church. (gospel meeting this weekend!!)

 Gospel Meeting. We will try to eat there.

lunch: with church
supper: margarita pizza, salad

Fun things:

Well, we did have a trip scheduled to a local pumpkin patch but we couldn't go because of sickness. So, we are just going to try and do A LOT of playing outside this week and then Saturday and Sunday is our Gospel Meeting at Church. That's always a blast!! :)

Join Sarah for more
Monday Meanderings!!


In Light of the Truth... said...

What's the reference for that memory verse?? It's a good one!

I've never really liked tomatoes, but I LOVE that margarita pizza! Hope you love it too!

And I hear ya on the yelling! I don't know what the deal is, but I've been yelling almost constant the last few days, and I hate it in myself!

Blessings on your week, sweet friend!

In Light of the Truth... said...

Oh yeah, and the eggnog pancakes sound delicious! Recipe??

Denise said...


If we don't find Him in the small things, how will we ever find Him in the big ones? ~Elisabeth Elliot