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Tuesday, July 31, 2007


This might sound crazy since Claire is only 2 & 1/2 but we have already started her on letters, colors, etc... We do a lot of hands on activites and very little structured worksheets (although we do some). Yesterday, we were all feeling bad and she loves to use the paints so we took some stamps and let her go wild on construction paper!

Like I said, I wish I could post pictures, I will soon! She stamped hearts , dolphins, stars, christmas trees and nativity scenes (hey, it's christmas all year long in my house!)

Anyway, we have been doing these sorts of activities with her. She is so very creative. This is how we are teaching colors and shapes for the time being. Any other ideas? What do you do with your toddler/preschoolers?

Crystal, this is how my homeschooling is going! Not without criticism from family members. I wish people would just not be so judgemental and let me raise MY kids! (another post for another time? After I pray and cool down?)

Love and Prayers TO ALL,


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