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Tuesday, July 31, 2007

To Charlie......

Okay, I have been a really hateful, not very good wife the past couple of weeks (there's my update on honoring your husband!) Partly because of sick kids and I have constantly been sick or depressed. The grief is really kicking in....

My precious sweet kind & thoughtful husband has been my rock during this time. Isn't he always? We are also facing some decisions in our life right now and I am trying very hard to let go and just trust him.

Charlie, you preached yesterday on taking it all to Jesus. And that's what I am trying so hard to do right now. I really feel like the decisions you are making are the right ones. I have peace about that. I just worry so much about what everyone thinks and I hate that I am that way!

Thank you so much baby for such a great week-end even if we did all get sick Sunday night! You are such a wonderful husband and you are an amazing Daddy. The girls and I love you so much!!!!!!!!!

You looked really good at church yesterday. It took me back to when we first seen each other in our little church ten years ago next month. I thought you were SO HOT and I still do!!!! (Has it really been 10 years?)

I MISS YOU, I MISS YOU, I MISS YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (only 5 more hours, hopefully, until you are home for the night!)

I love you so much ,


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