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Monday, July 9, 2007

Random Thoughts.......

I absolutely cannot think clearly enough to blog right now about one particular topic. So, here goes a random list of what's going on in my head ( I know, you are sitting on the edge of your seat!) :

Some cool websites/blogs that I am REALLY loving right now:

I love organizing junkie because she has so many awesome ways to organize and CONSOLIDATE (she loves this word) everything in your home and I mean everything. I am not an organized person but I would love to be and with this website I feel like I am on my way.

Menus 4 Moms- Oh, I can't say enough about having new recipes(easy ones at that) at the click of your mouse. We get so tired of the same ol' same ol' and this is an easy way to try new dishes. Plus, all the hard work is done for you (the planning, the grocery list) so all you have to do is cook! Genius!

Under 5's has some awesome kid's activities. My little girl loves their coloring sheets and their cute songs for kids. Check it out!

Homestead blogger has a store that sells the coolest homemade stuff! I so want to be crafty so I truly admire people that are and I love candles!

All Recipes- Oh, good food!!! This is where the cheesecake recipe is from, they have to many good recipes to mention. You will not be sorry you tried this website.

Okay, enough of that. More things going around in my head:

Does anyone know some good scrap booking sites? I want to start doing this for my little girls and teaching them to do it too. I have no idea what I am doing! So, please help if you can.

I got the best things from Bed, Bath & Beyond: Framed Scriptures to hang on my living room wall. I am so in love with these items. I am painting my walls this week so I can't wait to see how beautiful it will look! I am thinking that I will have to post some pictures and show it off!

I cleaned my house today. A LOT. I threw things away and organized and consolidated (I love this word, too). lol. I feel so much better! Don't you love it when there are no clothes on the couch waiting to be folded/and or put away? It's a great day!

My daughter is not potty training well at all. I believe it is because I am aggravated at the whole process and she can tell that. It is very hard for me not to get frustrated. I am not the most patient person in the universe, sometimes I feel sorry for my husband and children being stuck with me!

Last night we had to make a late night run to Wal-Mart, my 2& 1/2 year old was screaming the entire time we were in the store and she did not want to walk or ride in the cart. This child weighs 42 lbs and she is solid. She wanted to be carried. So, we had no choice. It was that or let her scream. There was no rationalizing anything. She was way past that, to tired from her long day. So, it was a lovely evening. My back & neck are killing me.

Same little girl wanted to play beauty shop with me this morning. She brushed my hair and put on my lip gloss and blush. I look beautiful (haha). Well, I might not look beautiful in the mirror but my heart is full and that's all that matters!

Lily smiled at me twice this morning while I was changing her clothes. I put a shirt on her that says, "Mommy's Little Treasure". And I thought, " That's exactly what you are, Lil-bear, A treasure."

My husband took us out to eat Mexican food yesterday after church. It wasn't in the budget this week but he said I deserved a day off. Also, we had to go and visit my uncle in the nursing home. He is dying and my husband knew that would be hard on me. So, his gesture was VERY much appreciated. Especially since all I could do when we got home was cry. Please pray for my uncle.

There is a magnet on my refrigerator that my Mama bought me a long time ago, back when I first got married. I have been reading it every day since I cleaned off my fridge. It says:

Ten Things God wants you to remember:

1. I will give you rest.
2. I will bless you.
3. I will not fail you.
4. I will strengthen you.
5. I will provide for you.
6. I will answer you.
7. I will be with you.
8. I believe in you.
9. I am for you.
10. I love you.

And I will end on that note. I hope that brightens your day as much as it does mine.

Love you all.

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crystal said...

Hey, I tried to leave you this lengthy comment yesterday but my computer went wacky.. Anyway, I thought it was nice of Charlie to do that for you. I wish I could be there to. But I dont think I could handle it.

I was wondering about something. Everytime I try to get on Organizing Junkies website, My computer freezes up. I wonder why this is....It has happened before too Not just off of your blog...

Gotta go get started packing for Camp.

Love Ya

If we don't find Him in the small things, how will we ever find Him in the big ones? ~Elisabeth Elliot