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Thursday, August 23, 2007

Great Sites that I LOVE!

A lot of you probably already know about these but some don't so I thought I would share this and maybe it will help you:

http://www.menus4moms.com/ has GREAT recipes! I don't always follow their plan exactly but everything I have tried has turned out SO good!! This will help your budget. And the stress of deciding what to fix for supper and making the grocery list is gone, WOW! It is so easy!

http://www.tammysrecipes.com/ Another great site, she has a lot of good recipes and her bread recipes are amazing! We are trying the cabbage casserole tomorrow night and her chocolate no bake cookies are BETTER than mine!

http://www.polkadotdaisies.blogspot.com/ has some of the cutest crafts I have ever seen! Check out the fake cookies for dollhouses, ADORABLE!

http://www.orgjunkie.blogspot.com/ has great organizing tips and a year's worth of menus! Just a warning though, my computer freezes up when I go to her site and this has happened to a few other people, I don't know why. But try it anyway.

http://www.amyswandering.wordpress.com/ has some great sites you can visit for Art projects! She is a great homeschooling resource. So is http://www.javamama.wordpress.com/ She has a homeschooling blog at http://www.homeschoolblogger.com/JavaMama . And by the way, I just LOVE homeschool blogger! You can find out so much there.

http://www.letteroftheweek.com/ This is what we are starting with Claire the beginning of September, we meant to do it a few months ago but I was pregnant and then Lil-bug came and just not a good time! But, we are a little more settled down now so we are giving it another go! They also have programs for babies!

Well, here's a few sites that I love. I know I get really excited but, I am so grateful to all of these people who are such a help to me!

God Bless and Have a Great Day!


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