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Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Power of a Praying Wife thoughts.....

Day 2:

"The purpose is to ask God to make your heart right, show you how to be a good wife, share the burdens of your soul, and seek God's blessing on your husband.

The hard part about being a praying wife, other than the sacrifice of time, is maintaining a pure heart. It must be clean before God in order for you to see good results. That's why praying for a husband must begin with praying for his wife. If you have resentment, anger, unforgiveness, or an ungodly attitude, even if there's good reason for it, you'll have a difficult time seeing answers to your prayers. But if you can release those feelings to God in total honesty and then move into prayer, there is nothing that can change a marriage more dramatically. Sometimes wives sabatoge their own prayers because they don't pray them from a right heart.

I was the one God worked on first. I was the one who began to change. My heart had to be softened, humbled, pummeled, and reconstructed before He even started working on my husband. I had to learn to see things according to the way God saw them, not the way I thought they should be."

Well, there's the thoughts for the day, the kids were both up extremely early this morning and I am exhausted. This is going to be a long series because I have a lot of favorite books! I hope you enjoy this and it helps you as much as it does me.


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