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Monday, August 13, 2007

Selfish anger...

I have been pretty empty lately as far as blogging goes so didn't want to post anything until I had worked through this static in my mind but I found this article on a blog (I have no idea which one or who wrote it, I surfed so many this morning, when I find it , I will give the author credit, I promise!) that was talking about selfish anger.

She wrote something similar to this, " When your child spills her drink for the 20th time today and you have cleaned the same carpet for the 12th time today, your reaction is to yell and rant and ask questions she can't answer and punish in anger. That is selfish anger. The rug, the whatever it is, is just a possession, you can replace it, are you going to take any of it to heaven with you? Can you replace your child? No, of course not. What you should do is this: Go and pray quietly. Say to yourself, " This is my baby. God gave me this child to nurture and love, not to scream and yell at. God forgive me for damaging this child. Give me strength and patience and love. Teach me to treat this baby like the precious treasure that she is. " I guarantee you will have a different attitude after that."

Wow! When I find the site and the EXACT words, I will share them with you. I am pretty drained right now and this is all I have to offer in the way of blogging. I will post more later, I have a lot going around in my mind, I just have to get it all straightened out. Know what I mean?

Love and Prayers,

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