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Thursday, August 9, 2007

Some People Change

I bought my husband a new cd last night because we had a pretty rough day but that's something I don't know if I want to post about yet, anyway, the CD is by Montgomery Gentry (LOVE them).

My favorite song is "Some People Change" and oh, how true tis' is!

"against all odds,
against the grain,
don't give up hope,

I think all to often we are quick to write people off. That's so sad because we miss out on a lot of blessings by not knowing these people. Some of the best people I know, had all but given up because people thought bad of them because of mistakes they had made in their life. My thoughts on that? Who doesn't make mistakes? Get real.

Anyway, that's my rant for the day. Check this CD out if you haven't already. It's got some great music on it and I'm all for a gospel choir in a country song! I also love their CD with the song "My town" on it. Love that part about the Church of Christ.

Well, I will post more later. Thanks to everyone who is praying for me, keep praying. I feel it and I sure need it.


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